Stellar Insights: October 8 - 14, 2018

Photo by Simone Hutsch via Unsplash

Photo by Simone Hutsch via Unsplash


As the week begins, we’re focused on unearthing just what justice means to us. Finding a sense of balance, and even inner stillness, may capture our attention as we weigh and measure all the invitations, obligations, and things of interest that are crossing our path, trying to figure out how to allocate our resources and attention in a way that imparts a deeper sense of beauty, pleasure, and harmony.

One of the compasses we can use to assist us in making our choices is to dive into a deep probe and look at the inherent value that things have. To find more clarity as you appraise their richness, with Venus now retrograde, a look to past experiences may be informative, serving as a reminder as to the actual worth that something has had and can now have to you.


Relationships and social engagements are part of this equation. We could be more attentively surveying to whom and what we are allotting our time, energy, and emotion, feeling a sense of urgency that with only so many resources at our disposal, it’s important we designate them to who and what really matters to us.


These inspirations may evolve given that the week opens with a Libra New Moon, and one that may inspire our awareness related to the power of things—and the power we have—given that it connects to Pluto. For more on the Libra New Moon, see here.


This Pluto influence—and its call to face life’s underbelly—may weave itself throughout the whole week. We may not be able to hide our eyes from that which hides in the shadows, and with that we may feel pulled to become aware of and mine the inherent and indisputable truths that exist. We are reminded that honesty is power and that there are only a few things about which we truly have control. We may also be reminded of the finitude of life, a notion that while sobering and upsetting instills a commitment to live life with as much vitality and consciousness as we can. (I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Plutonian invitations of this week when reading the latest news about the urgency of addressing climate change that was released today.) Tune into the rumblings and stirrings deep within you, and see how it is that they are informing your heart and soul.


Also, don’t be surprised if there’s a stream of novel and unexpected information that passes your way this week. The Mercury/Uranus Opposition on Wednesday reminds us that keeping an open mind, and being adaptable in how we respond to unexpected news, can not only help us to maintain a sense of center, but can allow us to flourish and grow (possibly in ways we hadn’t even imagined). Exposing ourselves to media or design that’s not our usual go-to may shake up our thinking, expand our world, and allow us to understand things previously unfamiliar.


All the while, with the Venus/Mars Square, be aware of where battle lines are being drawn, seeing whether making more space, and seeing things from a different angle, doesn’t but help to ease some of the growing tension. Try to align your energy and ability to assert yourself with what you truly and deeply love and find beautiful and meaningful. Further invest your will with conscious clarity of purpose, probing below the surface to understand what may be motivating your desires and the things you feel piqued to fight for.


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Astrological Highlights

October 8

  • Libra New Moon


October 9

  • Mercury enters Scorpio

October 10

  • Mercury/Uranus Opposition

Venus/Mars Square


October 12

  • Sun/Pluto Square

  • Mercury/Saturn Sextile


 Dates noted reflect Eastern Daylight Time