Stellar Insights: December 10 - 16, 2018

Photo by Tomoe Steineck via Unsplash

Photo by Tomoe Steineck via Unsplash


This past weekend felt quite moving, in significantly deep and emotional ways. With Chiron stationing direct in Pisces, the archetype of the wounded healer felt quite strong. (As the Moon will be joining Chiron in Pisces this coming Saturday, I can’t help but think we may feel powerfully awash in these inspired feelings this whole week). And with that we may be finding ourselves tapping into the places where we feel wounded, our personal “ouch” spots. As we connect to the cracks in our heart, we may find that emotions and tears flow forth more readily these days, and yet instead of separating from our scars, we actually feel called to embrace them in some way.

Chiron reminds me of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of pottery, in which the flaws and faults are seen as veritable assets in terms of beauty. In honor of this, I wrote a post about Chiron and Kintsugi, which you can find here.

Through Wednesday, Mercury—now in direct motion—retraces the territory it covered in Scorpio before it leaps into Sagittarius again. And with that, we may find ourselves more connected to thoughts that seem to arise from the substrata of our minds, perhaps including those that are shrouded in the dark and are carriers of our fears. Allowing these thoughts to be seen and embraced may inspire more healing, and eventual inner quietude, than continuing to subjugate them to the recesses. Additionally, we may find ourselves with further experience of how utterly transformative words can be.

As Mercury gallops into Sagittarius, we may find our thoughts gain a sense of lightness and elevation, and we’re pulled to see and understand things from an on-high perch. This may give us more context for synthesizing the treasures of insight we recently mined and unearthed.

As the weekend approaches, we could find ourselves desiring experiences that yield beauty and pleasure—yet, not necessarily fleeting ones, but ones that really feel that they carry meaning and import. In discerning which experiences we want to invite into our lives, we can turn to the past in order to assess what activities and which people we have known to be reliable and consistent when it comes to making our life more rich. This may then guide us as we choose where to turn our attention and allocate our resources, including our time.


Astrological Highlights

December 12 

  • Mercury enters Sagittarius


December 16

  • Venus/Saturn Sextile

Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time