Stellar Insights: December 24 - 30, 2018

Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon via Unsplash

Photo by Sharon Mccutcheon via Unsplash

With the end-of-year holiday season upon us, many people are experiencing the swell of movement that is usually inspired during this time. This movement may stem from travel, from last-minute gift shopping, and/or from the flurry of emotions that are kin to this time of the year. As people deck the halls and count down to the end of this year, there’s an emphasis on celebration that may at times feel hallowed and other times feel hollow, depending upon what is going on in our lives. Regardless of where you are in this spectrum, there is something that can be celebrated: and that is YOU. In the midst of the holiday hullabaloo, make sure to carve out time and space, energy and emotion, to embrace yourself, laud the special person that you are, and commemorate the sweet things in your life.

OK, on to the astrology…

Well, actually my sentiment does reflect an astrological influence early in the week, that of the Mercury/Neptune Square. When the planet of communication dances with the planet of boundarilessness, we could find our thoughts drifting off to sea, riding the waves of dreaminess and poetry, feeling into the sweet connections that come from breaking down the barriers of separateness. Yet at the same time, as our mind swims into a pool of the more uncontained, we could also find ourselves tapping into thoughts of disillusionment if we perceive an ideal and then sense that we are far from it. It’s important to not be pulled in by the undertow of artificial ideals that can then have us being drowned in unnecessary sorrow or judgement. Rather, ride the wave of compassion that Neptune can link us with; embrace thoughts of empathy, forgiveness, and unconditional love, for yourself and others.

The power of the female seems like it will play a starring role this week as our attention turns to the varied facets of the feminine, and how they can coalesce and be honored rather than one decrying another. Focus in this week on how the fierce protector, the divine lover, and the committed partner come alive within you, and how this cabal of consciousness can work together at the behest of the highest good of yourself and others.

With Mars and Chiron coming together, our healing potential is activated this week. We may also find that our wounds are stirred and that our personal ‘ouch spots’ are galvanized as we find ourselves adrift in emotions that arise when we think of past hurts and/or sorrows. Yet, we may also experience that these two things are related: that our curative powers stem from our wounds, that our personal grief allows us to hold space for another who whose hurt has similar groove lines, and in that it transforms itself into an elixir birthed of empathy.

It seems like part of the focus of this week relates not to the highlighted astrology of it, but to that of the next week. With a stellar roll call of Sun/Saturn Conjunction (January 1), Mercury on the Cardinal Axis (January 4), a Solar Eclipse (January 5), and Uranus stationing direct (January 6), the first week of January seems like it may inaugurate preludes for new chapters that may surprise us, whether that’s because they catch us off guard and/or they offer us the potential for freedoms that we didn’t even know possible. Remembering that Eclipses are not a one-day phenomenon but rather something we may feel inspired by weeks before (and after), tune into what new chapter you may feel is arising for you, and what you need to surrender to allow for you to even more consciously mint a fresh start. 


Astrological Highlights

December 24 

  • Mercury/Neptune Square


December 27

  • Venus/Ceres Conjunction


December 28

  • Venus/Pluto Sextile

  • Venus/Juno Opposition


December 29

  • Mars/Chiron Conjunction


Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time