Stellar Insights: May 14-20, 2018

Photo by Sharon Pittaway via Unsplash

Photo by Sharon Pittaway via Unsplash

Are you feeling like you’re on the brink of something new?

Tuesday is not only the New Moon, when beginnings are given voice, but also shake-it-up Uranus changes signs.

But before we get to Tuesday, let’s hone in on Monday, which may be woven more with invitations yielded by conclusions and endings than beginnings.

Stay present to what feelings and revelations arise for you deep within. Look back to 2011 and see if you can gain insights into the shifts that have occurred in your personal life when it comes to how you galvanize your will to assert yourself in the name of your desires.

Ok, back to Tuesday and beyond…

The New Moon in Taurus inspires a fresh chapter when it comes to seeing how being practicality and pleasure may go hand in hand. Uranus has been in Aries for seven years and now it’s plodding into Taurus (through 2026), about to break-and-then-remake patterns in Taurean realms, including our values, currency, how we orient through our senses, our daily habits and more. (For insights into AstroTrends that may evolve with Uranus in Taurus, stay tuned for my new series, an introduction to which I wrote last week.)

So we have new, and we have change, and we also have another factor that ratchets all of this up…

With warrior Mars moving into Aquarius on Wednesday it makes a dynamic square to Uranus. Watch for detours—and what you can learn from them. Stay bouncy. Be open to redefining your desires and new ways to move yourself forward. Expect the unexpected. Maintain beginner’s mind.

Remember too that this Mars/Uranus Square occurs three times over the coming months (through September), owing to Mars’ upcoming retrograde cycle which begins on June 26. And so this week may provide you with the primary insights into the subject of how to re-invent the path you take to attain your pursuits; leave space over the next few months to gain more insights that will further clarify this for you.

Giving structure to ideas you’ve been formulating may take center stage as the weekend approaches. Make sure that the ones that you release into the world have good bones. If not, you may want to give them a little bit more time to be bolstered.

Also during the weekend, we may then see how certain friends and/or our partner can be a conduit to events and feelings that we either haven’t experienced before or haven’t in a long while.

The Sun is in its last day of Taurus throughout most of the day Sunday. Connect to pleasure. Inquire within as to which habits serve you and which do not. See where liking to be in a groove yields endurance and where it approaches stubbornness.

As the Sun shifts into Gemini late on Sunday, we open up to a new month where intellectual curiosity inspires us, where meeting and greeting carries us forth, and where we quest to find synthesis and commonality between those things that appear disparate on first blush.

Astrological Highlights

May 15

* Taurus New Moon (7:48 am EDT)

* Uranus enters Taurus

May 16

* Mars enters Aquarius

* Mars/Uranus Square

May 18

* Mercury/Saturn Trine

May 19

* Venus enters Cancer

* Venus/Uranus sextile

May 20

* Sun enters Gemini (10:15 pm EDT)