Stellar Insights: May 28 - June 3, 2018

Photo by Linda Xu via Unsplash

Photo by Linda Xu via Unsplash


Tuesday's Full Moon illuminates our awareness this week.

With the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius, we may feel compelled with a need to know. By widening our perspective, and keeping track of the parallelsthe "this side" and "that one"we may find that we're better able to access a passport to a world of understanding. We can experience growth through deconstructing duality, with an aim to find synthesis.

Having our thoughts and actions more aligned may seem easier as the weekend approaches. With the Mercury/Mars Trine on Friday, aiming our inte on what we want to learn or communicate can help propel us into action. 

As the end of the week is in sight, what we find beautiful and valuable should also become clearer. After all, we’ve got a harmonious connection (a grand trine) between love-planet Venus, expand-it Jupiter, and feel-connected Neptune. 

Be open to being moved by pleasure, by what you find to be graceful, by what nourishes your soul. Tap into the feminine and soak in her wisdom.

All the while with Venus squaring the asteroid Juno, our awareness may turn to the question of what it means to love and what it means to partner, and how the two can—or may not be able to—weave together in a more integral way. Our collective attention may turn to how lovers may not be married and those who are married may not be lovers. In reflecting upon this, see what you may learn that informs your own life perspective.

On Sunday, begin to Initiate a new approach to your self-care. With wellness asteroid Hygeia moving into Aries then, we may feel more motivated to act upon ideas we’ve had on how we want to rejig our diet, exercise regimen, or approach to relaxation. Hygeia's march into Aries means it's leaving poetic Pisces, and so before Sunday focusing upon Piscean healing approaches--such as dreamwork, meditation, prayer, and the like--may bring beautiful benefit. Note, though, that owing to it going retrograde in July, it will dip back into Pisces September 27 through January 2. During this period, we can get a newly envisioned opportunity to turn to our compassionate and intuitive nature in service of healing, for ourselves and others.

Astrological Highlights

May 29

* Sagittarius Full Moon

* Mercury enters Gemini


June 1

* Mercury/Mars Trine

* Venus/Jupiter Trine


June 2

* Venus/Neptune Trine

* Venus/Juno Square


June 3

* Hygeia enters Aries