Stellar Insights: June 11 – 17, 2018

Photo by Dil Assi via Unsplash

Photo by Dil Assi via Unsplash

With the New Moon arriving on Wednesday, during the first two-plus days of the week we move through the monthly cycle known as balsamic. As the Moon is dark and its light is receding, external sources of reflection are obscured; and with that, to find our center and our compass, we can turn to the light that lives deep within us. It is here within our intuitive and imaginal realms that we can find insights that will advise and guide us. It’s also a time for completion, to tie up loose ends, to make space for the new to emerge.

And with Chiron uniting with Hygeia on Tuesday, as we find insights in the inner landscape of our heart and soul, what we may find is that one of the best ways to take care of ourselves is to be courageously honest about what causes us pain and sorrow. Looking back to where this thread may have begun, perhaps in childhood or early adulthood, may have us connect to a source of healing that will allow us to not only soothe ourselves but also others around us who are themselves steeped in pain and sorrow. 

With Wednesday’s New Moon being in the communicative sign of Gemini, we could find ourselves inspired to gather information as well as share ideas and thoughts with others. With Gemini’s planetary ruler Mercury making a sextile to shake-it-up Uranus, we may seek an innovative approach to share what we know.

At the same time, given Friday's Mercury/Saturn Opposition, it’s important to be above board—and above the law—when it comes to communications and how you structure the collection of information. If you’ve been cutting corners, you may experience the consequences of that; alternatively, if you’ve been thoughtful and disciplined regarding the messages you want to convey, you may reap the benefits and see the tangible outcomes of these missives. (Read here for more on the New Moon.)

On Thursday, love planet Venus is in a square alignment with breaking-patterns Uranus. And with that, relationships may surprise us. Experiences may occur that have us seeing the importance of giving ourselves permission to redefine our values, to see how things we didn’t think significant really are, and how those we had thought to have great worth don’t really matter as much as we once perceived.  

Watch your boundaries this weekend. With Neptune stationing--set to turn retrograde on Monday, June 18--we may find that that which separates things becomes more permeable. Vessels may overflow and the ineffable may seep through. This can lead to an infusion of feelings, compassion, and artistic revelry; reflecting this, spend time doing activities that touch, move, and inspire you.

Astrological Highlights

June 12

* Hygeia/Chiron Conjunction

Mercury enters Cancer

 * Mercury/Vesta Opposition


June 13

Mercury/Uranus Sextile

Gemini New Moon

Venus enter Leo


June 14

Venus/Uranus Square


June 15

Mercury/Saturn Opposition