Stellar Insights: June 4 - 10, 2018

Photo by Karim Ghantous via Unsplash

Photo by Karim Ghantous via Unsplash


Heads up! The first several days of the week, we may find ourselves to be living in our heads, thanks to the Sun/Mercury conjunction on Tuesday.

Our minds are lit up by a vast amount of ideas and thoughts that may catch our attention. Yet, their sheer number and/or magnitude may overwhelm and scatter our attention. 

The radiance of mental activity may be so strong that if we allow it, the experience of excessive stimulation may leave us a bit fried. So, do what you can to have a conscious relationship with taking in and giving out information. Do it in as metered a style as you can, making sure that inflow and outflow are interspersed with moments of digesting and reflecting upon the ideas and thoughts that are coursing through you. 

And take extra good care of your nervous system these days. Whether it be exercising, bathing, Rescue Remedy’ing, spritzing with lavender essential oil, or whatever you’re go-to stress buster, weaving relaxation practices into your day may help your mind, and body, to stay bright and luminous (rather than anxious and edgy).

Yet, that’s not the only influence that catches our attention early in the week. With the Venus/Pluto Opposition occurring as well, our exploration of love and beauty may take on a more serious tone. Use this time to unearth what resides below the surface, to discover hidden treasures, whether in awareness about your feelings for another person or your discovery that something that you own (or want to) has more value than you previously perceived.

That said, these days may offer some tumult if you’re on the receiving end of the unveiling of previously cloistered information or feelings. Just knowing that this is possible as you enter the week may itself be helpful. Also, even if you feel shaken, see if there’s a way to tap into that deep sense of resourcefulness that lives within you, to remember that your power and creativity--and ability to recreate your stance--is much greater than you often remember.

Within all this, with both Mercury and the Sun squaring Neptune mid-week, it’s important to watch a tendency to dissolve your boundaries too much and give up extra time, energy, emotions, or even money that you may not necessarily have at your disposal. Also, watch the slippery slope of either playing the victim or the enabler.

It’s a time to tap into your connection with what inspires and deeply moves you. Spend time with that which awakens your soulfulness and has you feeling that life is magical and mystical, and revel in all of that. That said, while you may find yourself in a poetic flow, just be careful to keep your two feet on the ground, and your eyes on the road, so as to avoid any mishaps that could unfold on a possibly foggy day.

It seems extra important to be aware of where we’re going and how we’re fueling ourselves in that pursuit given that this week Mars and the South Node come together. Being conscious about what it is that we desire, and why, can be quite revealing, and really helpful in our healing. It’s a powerful week to explore our relationship to anger: what triggers it, how it lives within us, how we express it…as well as any ways that we “do anger” that we inherited from our family, and which we’d like to transform. 

Mars is a key player in the coming months, given its upcoming retrograde and its connections to do-it-differently Uranus. What you may learn this week may end up being quite valuable when it comes to the further resolve and understanding that you may experience through September. So, be aware this week while also being gentle and compassionate with yourself as you gain this awareness.

Astrological Highlights

June 5

* Sun/Mercury Conjunction

* Venus/Pluto Opposition


June 6

* Mercury/Neptune Square


June 7

* Sun/Neptune Square

* Mars Conjoins South Node