Stellar Insights: February 11 - 17, 2019

Photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash

Photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash

I didn’t wake up today and think “I’m going to write about the Mars/Uranus Conjunction that takes place this week and how it inspires us to break patterns and do things a different way. And therefore, I’m not going to write my weekly Stellar Insights until much later in the day then I usually do, since that seems to fit the astrological energies of doing things in an unexpected and non-usual manner.” It just sort of happened that way.

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been feeling this Mars/Uranus shake-it-up, do-it-differently, stay-nimble invitation for many days now. Perhaps it’s linked to the ongoing onslaught of snow we’ve been having in the Seattle area, which has been having us readjust our schedules, rhythms, perception on what’s normal, et al. (Side note: if you live in the area you know what I mean. If you don’t, quick background: we’re currently on snowstorm number 4, an ongoing onslaught of frozen precipitation that’s occurred in the last eight days. For the Midwest this may be a normal winter. But for the Pacific Northwest, this “snowapocalypse” is anything but.)

It’s been fascinating to just have to throw normal routines out the window and adjust to a whole new route of being and approaching how you orient. Not because you decide that you want to, but because that’s what’s being called forth. It’s been interesting to see how it’s challenged me, stretched me, and helped me to redefine some priorities. (Thankfully, I can say this from being warm in my home, still with power; I definitely feel sorrow for those who are not able to say the same.)

Are you finding yourself needing to stay bouncy, to be adaptive and flexible based upon things that are arising for you, whether within your heart and mind, or via external events? Are you finding that you’ve needed to detour from a route you’ve been taking or quickly pivot unexpectedly? These are some of the ways that Mars/Uranus may manifest.

There’s also a possible explosive energy that may arise, and one that could catch us off guard. Whether this arises as more-than-usual static shocks or finding some anger you didn’t even know you had streaming forth, or some other way, just be aware of the possibility for outbursts of some kind.

With the invitation of Mars/Uranus, consider how taking a different path may provide you with an experience that yields gain, which a rote route one may not. Perhaps the reward is realizing that you have more courage than you thought, or a taste of creative uniqueness you didn’t realize was within you, or some other freedom that seemed out of sight. And if you’re experiencing breakdowns consider how they may possibly be leading to breakthroughs not otherwise experienced. If things feel shaken up, consider what’s shaking out, which you can use to further inform your life path.

Last note about Mars/Uranus: What’s also really striking about this alignment is that it’s the last one that occurs in the sign of Aries, likely for most of our lifetimes as the next one is in 2096! When I realized that, I got inspired to look back to see when the previous ones were since 2011. If you’re interested, check out this post I just created.

In terms of other features of this week, the theme of “lasts” feels quite prevalent.

Not only is it the last of the Mars/Uranus Conjunctions in Aries, but it’s the last week that the Sun will be in Aquarius this year (it goes into Pisces on February 18). With Aquarius a sign of holistic vision and pattern recognition, see if this week you can’t but gain greater understanding about the world around you by gleaning further insights into the networks and tapestries that connect things.

It’s also the last week that Chiron will be in Pisces for 46 years (it also shifts signs on February 18, going into Aries). Since 2011 when Chiron entered the sign of poetics and compassion, what did you learn related to spiritual healing and about wounds caused by an (unrealistic) desire to achieve perfection. For more on Chiron’s inspiration, see this piece I wrote when Chiron stationed direct in Pisces in December.

Wishing you a week filled with beautiful surprises,


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