Stellar Insights: April 15 - 21, 2019

Photo by Gerhard Bögner via Pixabay

Photo by Gerhard Bögner via Pixabay

I didn’t end up writing this weekly update until Monday in the late afternoon. Usually I do it before this point, on Sunday or first thing Monday morning.

My delay was partly practical (an early morning appointment and a writing project that’s captivated my focus and a ton of my time). And it was partly instinctual (before this point, whenever I would think of writing it, I felt called to wait longer).

And now, as opposed to if I wrote it at the usual moment, I can make space to reflect on something that has happened in its midst, between then and now: the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire.

This conflagration consuming a beloved and iconic monument has touched a spark in so many, drawing attention from throughout the world. “Heart-breaking” and “Broken Hearted” are repeated sentiments I see on my Instagram feed with people around the world sharing their photos and feelings.

While I experience things personally, I also orient and see them through an archetypal lens. And I couldn’t help but be struck by how symbolically reflective of the kairos this event is.

Instead of writing anew, I think what I will do here is share the related reflections that I offered on my Instagram Stories (edited just a bit here for clarity), which connected this shocking event to the astrology of the times.

“Devastated + Devastating. Fire engulfing Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, threatening the entire structure of this gorgeous and historic icon and monument.

I can’t but help think of the timing + its symbology: as we move through this year of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction—exact on 1/12/20 but strongly felt through then and after, and notably this month because of both planets upcoming stations.

Throughout this time, one of the things that draws our attention may be the breakdown of structures in our lives and the world around us.

How do we uphold the integrity of structures of value, taking precautions to safeguard their existence?

How do we find the courage to express and hold the grief we feel when they are compromised or destroyed?

And what structures in our life would we actually be ok with letting go, realizing that in doing so there may be pain but that this can also allow for necessary rebirth?

These seem to be some of the questions loudly being asked of us this year.

All that said, focusing back on the fire at Notre-Dame, it is devasting and I feel a bit devastated.”

The Saturn/Pluto Conjunction was something that I was going to write more of next week, given the upcoming Pluto station (it turns retrograde on April 24) and Saturn station (it turns retrograde on April 29). And something I definitely will do. Yet, it seemed to have also be something that I felt inclined to give voice to today, perhaps reflected in my delay in writing until now.

And how things may unfold from the fire, we shall have to wait and see. That too feels like a Saturn/Pluto lesson, notably as they reside together in the sign of patient, enduring and honoring-time Capricorn.

One other note about the fire, I can’t help but think how it also captures the archetypal expression of an alignment that is exact today, on Monday. That is the square between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Venus in Pisces.

Jupiter expands things and while in Sagittarius since November and through December what it may inspire growth in, and draw our attention to, are Sagittarian themes, including higher education, travel, philosophy, and, of course, religion. When what-is-treasured Venus is in Pisces, our attention is drawn to subjects of compassion, spirituality, art, and the threads that connect us all. I can’t help but think about this in the context of the flames destroying an iconic and beautiful church, notably when I reflect upon Sagittarius being a fire sign and Pisces, the sign of water, that is being used to try to contain the fire.

Speaking of water and fire, this week both Mercury and Venus are moving from Pisces into the cardinal fire sign of Aries. And with that, fire—figuratively and literally—may capture our attention even more. Yet, so may other Aries themes such as being courageous and pioneering as we connect to the willpower within ourselves to champion a cause in which we feel passionate. And just as more fire enters, we also find even more ground, as Taurus season begins on Saturday.

Aaah, deep breathe.

The other thing that’s strongly igniting our week’s themes is the Full Moon on Friday, the same day that messenger Mercury unites with transform-your-wounds-into-gifts Chiron. This is the second Libra Full Moon this season, with the first occurring on the Equinox on March 20. Read more about all this here.

I wish for you a week filled with richness and even if you find your heart breaking, I encourage you to remember that sometimes it’s in its cracking open, when we can courageously express grief , that we allows it to have even more space than we had thought possible, space that can hold and radiate love.

Astrological Highlights

April 15

  • Venus/Jupiter Square

April 17

  • Mercury enters Aries

April 19

  • Libra Full Moon

  • Mercury/Chiron Conjunction

April 20

  • Sun enters Taurus

  • Venus enters Aries

All dates reflect Eastern Daylight Time