Taurus AstroBotanica

astrobotanica taurus.jpg

Happy Birthday, Taurus! Enjoy your birthday bouquet!

Your AstroBotanica bouquet captures your sign’s earthiness, your rich connection to nature, and your no-nonsense approach to beauty. Consistent rhythms are nurturing to you while abrupt change is not. You’re quite a sensual soul who loves leisure and luxury.

No big, billowy cultivated blooms for you, Taurus! You'd rather be barefoot and foraging quietly on the side of the road, picking what nature offers. Greens and texture and a touch of the epicurean for your sensualist self! Ferns, figs, artichokes, hellebore and globe thistle to name a few.

Astrological insight by @stephanie_gailing

Bouquet by @alexabuzadesign