Looking at Our Sh't: Pluto Stations Retrograde


Shi*t—and it’s colloquial cousin BS—are captivating our attention this week, quite literally and figuratively seeming to be everywhere. After all, we’re in the midst of the Pluto station, as the planet of the underworld is set to shift retrograde on Wednesday, April 24.

We may find ourselves facing our own Sh*t—realizing the places that we hide, or illusory fears that keep us from full living life, or how our need for control gets in our way of freedom, or the way we skirt an issue because we're unsure how to face it head one, et al., et al. And as you open to what you are seeing, remember to hold yourself with compassion as you also begin to see that there may be a different way to live, and begin to deal with your Sh*t.

We may find ourselves really clearly seeing other’s BS, and calling them on it (or at least, really wanting to). Before, we may have just given it—the dishonesty, hubris, slippery ways, et al.—a pass. But this week something may feel different, as we sense that we just don’t the time and patience for all the BS. After all, one thing that can arise during times that Pluto’s invitations are reverberating strongly in our consciousness is that we remember that life is really short, and we truly do want to make the most of it.

We may also find that skimming across the surface of issues feels itself to be a bit BS, that we’re wanting to dive deeper and see what’s underneath the surface, the places we don’t usually probe. Some examples of this may include our cleaning out the back of a closet, probing our health to figure out what’s at the root of the rash of symptoms we’ve recently been having, organizing our finances, and looking at end-of-life issues. We may even find that turning away from deep feelings, such as grief, feels like BS and we want to find a new way to be with them.

And we may literally be focusing on Sh*t, whether it’s our digestive health, sewer system, garden compost, or news in the world.

Look to the Sh*t and BS, and see how by viewing it and dealing with it, you find yourself living your life from a deeper place, more open to the wholeness of life, and the richness it can yield.