Passions of Commitment + Dedication [Sun/Ceres Opposition + Juno/Node Conjunction]


To what are you committed? How does your dedication manifest? What actions have you taken or would you take to uphold the pledges that you have made and/or fight for others to uphold those they made to you? If you had the understanding that things or living beings precious to you were under threat, what it look like to be guided by your furor to take a stand that which you loved and felt called to protect?

With Juno uniting with the North Node and the Sun opposite Ceres this week, these feel like some of the questions that may be catching our attention as we reflect upon the notions of fidelity, allegiance, and our collective stewardship for the world around us.

Relatedly, if you’re connecting to a sense of deep grief, notably about the shifts in the climate and ecosphere, see how being with those feelings, rather than turning away from them, moves you and what doing so opens up within you. What conversations is it inspiring you to have? What information do you feel you need to access? What tools feel important to you for further understanding on how to move forward if you feel things are complex and can readily cause overwhelm? With messenger Mercury tying in to the Jupiter/Neptune Square this week, orienting our mind to these realms may yield learning, and healing. 

Ceres (Summer) by Antoine Watteu via National Gallery of Art