Stellar Insights: June 17 - 23, 2019

Photo by Nilotpal Sarma via Unsplash

Photo by Nilotpal Sarma via Unsplash

On the one hand, things may feel really fluid, as if we’re floating from here to there. A softness may seem to permeate our mind and our hearts, and the edges of things may seem more rounded than sharp, with differentiations seeming more subtle than stringent. We may not be readily able to separate: whether our feelings from another’s; the connection between our mind, body and spirit; or our problems from someone else’s. There’s a sense of empathy and yet we may also feel lulled into taking on the role of the victim or the allowing our power to dissipate. These inspirations and invitations arise from the strong Neptune influence of the week: the Jupiter/Neptune Square (exact Sunday, June 16), the Saturn/Neptune Sextile (exact Tuesday, June 18) and Neptune stationing, as it prepares to shift retrograde on Friday, June 21.

Yet, on the other hand, things seem quite different. We’re connected to powerful thoughts, which are infused with strength and can cut like a knife. We may find ourselves wanting to move with determination, to defend or protect ourselves, or the living beings or precious objects that we cherish. Instead of feeling in a fog, we’re stirred to the depths of our being, with volcanic emotions springing forth, which we’re mobilized to express through our words, movements and/or actions. A desire to tear down that which has minimal integrity or vitaity, and start again, may overtake us. These inspirations and invitations arise from messenger Mercury coming together with warrior Mars, both opposing transformative Pluto.

That this week seems to offer two varying pulls of influence, and we are called to synthesize them, seems quite synchronistic. After all, this week is the last one with the Sun in synthesize-duality Gemini, the sign of the Twins. And it begins with a Full Moon, itself an opportunity to find commonality in the seemingly opposite. And Friday is the Solstice, an event that itself has us focusing on two influences: that of the light and dark.

And with that, perhaps the best way we can approach this week is to be aware of all of the influences and see how they can weave together. Instead of seeing the week as what’s arising on the one hand, and what’s arising on the other, remember that both hands arise from the same body. Instead of feeling pulled apart, see how you can cast a net around all that is arising for you, and weave them together, seeing how they can complement each other, allowing you to learn even more on this journey called life. 

Wishing you a Happy Solstice! 


Astrological Highlights

June 17

  • Sagittarius Full Moon


June 18

  • Saturn/Neptune Sextile

  • Mercury/Mars Conjunction


June 19

  • Mercury/Pluto Opposition

  • Mars/Pluto Opposition


June 21

  • Neptune Stations Retrograde

  • Sun enters Cancer (Solstice)


June 23

  • Venus/Jupiter Opposition 


 All days reflective of Eastern Daylight Time Zone ( -4 hours GMT)