Stellar Insights: July 29 - August 4, 2019



Photo by Martin Katler via Unsplash

Photo by Martin Katler via Unsplash

This week feels like two weeks in one. Monday through Wednesday feel like they’ll have their own vibe, one quite distinct than Thursday through Sunday. 

The reason? There are are two strong pivot points occurring on Wednesday. Late in the day the New Moon arrives just before Mercury ends its current retrograde cycle.

And with that, we have the ushering in of beginnings (New Moon) and begin-agains (Mercury direct). 

The New Moon in the sign of Leo beckons us to open to new ways that we can live through our heart, connect to our creativity and find a canvas upon which we can radiate our generosity. A desire for initiating something may spring forth and an urge for blossoming fill our hearts and minds. (For more insights on the New Moon, see here.)

All the while, Mercury, albeit moving very slowly at the beginning, finishes its retrograde (apparent backward moving) cycle. And with that, we may find ourselves open to urges that have us wanting to move forward with ideas that have been percolating for the past few weeks. Since July 7, we’ve been reviewing and re-assessing, looking to the past to help us refine our GPS, and letting new ideas simmer, waiting for them to gain more concentrated traction until we could bring them out to the world, moving forward with them. This week, it may may seem as if that time has arrived.

Mid-week, something may really feel like it shifts. Between the New Moon and Mercury moving direct, the call to birth something may feel quite palpable. Remember, though, that it may take a few days past Wednesday—when the Moon has gained a little light and Mercury a little bit more speed—for it to seem as if your nascent ideas now has the ripeness required to stand out in the world.

Before this mid-week pivot point, things may feel quite different. As the lunar cycle is winding down, we’re in the monthly balsamic Moon phase. During this dark of the Moon period, we may find ourselves with reduced energy and/or diminished clarity about external events. Rather than focus our attention solely outward, it’s a time to find the light, to connect to the illumination that is within you. If it feels dark outside, don’t forget that rays of revelation reside within your heart and mind.

This reflects a similar invitation that Mercury, in its last days of its retrograde phase, offers. Remember that retrograde phases accord with the planet’s attention being inward and backwards. As such, during the first few days of the week it feels as if understanding can be heightened if we move really slowly, reflect and ruminate, and turn to the depths of our inner well of intuition and inspiration for guidance.

One last thing about this – until we get to the weekend, slow feels like the M.O. of the week, the pace that may allow us to refine our insights and move with more ease and understanding. 

Going slow may seem like it requires effort though; after all, we’ve got the rattlings of shake-it-up Uranus beckoning us, making a connection to the Sun on Monday and Venus on Friday. Uranus invites us to be surprised, to break out of calcified stances, in order to invite in change, and tap into more creative energy. 

Perhaps this week part of the surprise comes from the awareness that streams forth when we assume a more steady-state pace even in the midst of encountering information and insights that we weren’t necessarily anticipating. See how the slowness gives you more space to understand the playing field of your life and what it truly is that you want to create, just what it is that you want to put your heart into, so that you can shine with more light and more freedom.

Astrological Highlights

July 29

  • Sun/Uranus Square

July 31

  • Leo New Moon

  • Mercury Stations Direct

August 2

  • Venus/Uranus Square

  • Mars/Juno Conjunction

All days reflective of Eastern Daylight Time Zone ( -4 hours GMT)