Stellar Insights: July 8 - 14, 2019

Photo by Robert Bye via Unsplash

Photo by Robert Bye via Unsplash

Yesterday, Mercury began its retrograde cycle in Leo, the sign of art, heart, and love.

Go backwards, turn around, traverse recently-traveled territory, look at things from a different perspective: these are some of the ways to orient during Mercury Retrograde that inspire focus, clarity, and reward. Following the “As Above, So Below” axiom, as the planet of communication retraces its path in the sky, so should we - going back over ideas, conversations, and missives to see what we can learn with fresh eyes and a new orientation.

As always, during Mercury Retrograde: go slow, take the opportunity for pause, and be especially thoughtful with communication. While this may seem challenging, notably as the week begins with Mercury uniting with action-inspiring Mars, do the best you can to be thoughtful with the pace of how you move about and/or move information about.

All the while, dispel the notion that Merciry Retrograde is a “bad” time of which to be fearful. It is not. Mercury Retrograde gives us the opportunity to discover skipped steps that we can then use for more holistic understanding that can be infused in communications.

While Mercury is retrograde in Leo, through July 19, look to the past to gain newfound insights into your creativity, ways to communicate the love you have, and channels through which you can connect to your child-like spirit.

Mercury will be retrograde in the sign of Cancer July 19 through July 31, during which time our turning backwards may give us insights that help us to bolster our understanding of our feelings, connections to family, and ways to further support our ability to feel at home.

The Sun connects to the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction this week, in the halo of next week’s Lunar Eclipse that will feature the Moon connecting with this ‘deconstruct to reconstruct’ planetary pair. Given that we feel the invitations of Eclipses as we build towards them, I thought to share with you now my reflections for this lunation as it may give some context to what you may feel is being personally inspired for you this week.

PS. Want personalized insights into what the current Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde are inspiring for you? I have several 30-minute special sessions available next week. Email me for details.

Astrological Highlights

July 8

  • Venus/Uranus Sextile

  • Mercury/Mars Conjunction


July 9

  • Sun/Saturn Opposition


July 11

  • Sun/Neptune Trine

  • Mars/Neptune Square


July 14

  • Sun/Pluto Opposition

All days reflective of Eastern Daylight Time Zone ( -4 hours GMT)