Stellar Insights: August 26 - September 1, 2019

Photo by John Adams via Unsplash

Photo by John Adams via Unsplash

It seems like a week in which owning our inner rebel may serve us well.

This is the rebel who charts their own course, that understand the rules but chooses to take a different route because they believe it will not only be more interesting but also more fruitful. This is the rebel that lets themselves honor their own rhythm. This is the one who owns their unconventional outlook, who defies the status quo because they know there’s a better way. This is the rebel that is inventive and is not afraid to reinvent things.

This week see how you can tap into your inner rebel and use it for creative purposes. Instead of following a standard recipe, see how you can mix a little of this and a little of that to create something that has your own unique stamp on it.

Instead of feeling like situations are bereft of usual solutions, and therefore there’s no way to achieve a desired outcome, turn to your inner rebel to help you innovate and find a pathway forward. Allow yourself to bathe in surprise, knowing that sometimes the most integral ingredients come through the unexpected; all the while let yourself be surprised by yourself.

See how the rebel in you—the innovator, vanguard, the one who is inspired by the avant-garde—allows you to create newfangled systems that help you to create objects of functional beauty. And then as the New Moon appears on Friday, open to new ways to be of service, while you harvest the fruits of actions that you’ve been undertaking. (For more on the New Moon, see here.)

What’s the reason I’m speaking so much about the value of the rebel this week? It’s because four planets—Venus, Mars, Sun, and Mercury—plus the Moon traverse through early Virgo and in doing so make a harmonious connection—known as a trine—to honor-the-rebel (and push-the-envelope) Uranus. 

Astrological Highlights

August 26

  • Venus/Uranus Trine

August 28

  • Mars/Uranus Trine

 August 29

  • Mercury enters Virgo

  • Sun/Uranus Trine

August 30

  • Virgo New Moon

September 1

  • Uranus/Mercury Trine

  • Venus/Saturn Trine


All days reflect EDT time zone ( - 4 hours GMT)