Stellar Reflections: Saturn


Patience is a virtue.

I love that axiom and feel like I have even more appreciation for it this week owing to the Saturn station on Saturday. 

It just feels like a great reminder for this week, a week in which it may feel like it's taking more time than usual to knock things off our to-do lists or address things that need to be dealt with. 

Slow and steady wins the race is another good one for this week.

It feels like it's a great time to adopt a long-range view. It may seem onerous to do the work that's required now, yet consider it from the perspective that you may be investing time and energy now that will pay off in spades for the future, as your current investment is laying the bricks for something larger that you are building.

Dot your I's and cross your T's.

That's another good one.

If things seem frustrating, take a few deep breaths and pause. See if that doesn't help you to gain some perspective, and composure. And actually, continuing to pay attention to your breathing is important as shallow breathing can inspire more anxiousness, something that we may potentially already feel flooded with.

Frustrations may come if we see that the things we've been building actually have a shaky firmament and now we're having to deal with the repercussions. That's not anyone's version of fun. 

And yet, being responsible isn't always fun. Yet, it does have its own benefits. That's a hard one to remember in the moment, but try as it's worth it. Not being responsible has a way of haunting us. So we may have to pay the piper, and re-lay down the firmament's bricks, yet at least we're paving the way for more freedom in the future. 

If you keep on trying to open a proverbial door, even one you've opened a proverbial million times before, and it just won't budge, you could try a little harder. And yet, if it still doesn't give way, after a reasonable amount of time and energy, stop for a moment and consider whether it's just not your door anymore and not worth your energy and resources to pull out the sledgehammer to try to knock it down. 

Perhaps this door no longer being open, reflecting a NO to you, is actually not a negation but a redirect; perhaps, by not walking through that doorway, you then have the opportunity to look around and see that in fact there's another one, one you hadn't yet noticed, which is the portal to where you truly want to go. And so, consider that during this time that a NO may actually be a YES that allows you to KNOW even more clearly.

And while the Saturn station is Saturday, the planet of discipline will be likely felt quite strongly for the coming weeks, given its conjunction with Mars on August 24 and it's tie-in with the Solar Eclipse early next month.

So, like Saturn that takes the long view, consider taking these Saturn-honoring perspectives not just for this week but for the longer view as well.