The Disappearing Act


Have you noticed things disappearing recently? 

The Disappearing Act feels like one reflective theme of the Saturn/Neptune Square that is crafting wide brushstrokes both personally and collectively this and next month.

Perhaps it's that something in your life or that you interact with in your environment vanished into seemingly thin air. Or, perhaps you've had the experience where the outcome you had been anticipating for something doesn't manifest and it seems like what you envisioned just evaporated. 

This disappearance may not necessarily even be experienced as negative. Or for some situations it may feel bad on the outset, reflective of the shock and our attachment/connection. Perhaps the things we had envisioned occurring truly weren't in our best interest anyway, something we may realize when we have more time and distance to see the situation from a different perspective. Yet, knowing that still may not numb the initial upset, 

And/or perhaps what's undergoing a disappearing act are habits, perspectives, and routines that we know aren't supportive of our well-being and yet we had been attached to anyway. And then all of a sudden, after the hard work trying to reconfigure them, and the myriad days when we thought how these likely may never NOT be a part of us, they just slip off and slip away. Surrendered. Released. Out to Sea.

We may still need to be diligent though, making sure that we have solid footing in this new way of being, this way of being that may have us feeling softer and more at ease, as it may feel strange embodying our self that has a part seemingly disappeared. Notably, as this sense of open space could have us feeling a bit anxious. It's uncharted territory now that things have disappeared. Go slow. Be compassionate.

If you want to mourn what's disappeared, mourn. And if you want to celebrate, celebrate.

It feels like doing both may not only acknowledge where you are and the process of the new becoming, but also help quell some of the disquietude. 

It feels that with the Saturn/Neptune Square so palpable through mid-September (it connects with Mercury, Venus and Mars this month; ties into the Virgo Solar Eclipse on September 1; and then has its last alignment September 10), that the theme of disappearing could continue. As such, making friends with The Disappearing Act may be a good addition to how we orient through our lives so that it will be easier to find the ease in our journey.