AstroBotanica: Scorpio


Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

Your AstroBotanica bouquet embodies your sign’s magnetism for the soulful, sexy, and seductive. With your wealth of emotions and depth of desire, you’re turned on by the layers of complexity that life embodies. Not satisfied with the superficial, you’re passionate about sussing out secrets and unearthing buried treasures.

This Scorpio bouquet is all about deep, velvety color and lots of texture. Red Leucodendron, deep crimson Dahlia, some throaty Orchids with a dash of chartreuse Alchemilla to electrify in that Scorpio way! Oh, and a little phallic action for good measure (pun intended)!

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Bouquet by @alexabuzadesign
Astrological insight by @stephanie_gailing