Stellar Insights: October 29 - November 4, 2018

Photo by Gaston Roulstone via Unsplash

Photo by Gaston Roulstone via Unsplash

Big ideas. Strong voices. Far-reaching messages.

That said, these themes may not necessarily be just limited to With communicative Mercury uniting with expansive Jupiter on Monday, these may be some of the themes we see as the week begins.

That said, these themes may not necessarily be just limited to the here and now, but may feel as if they weave themselves through the next two months.

That’s because with Mercury set to enter another retrograde cycle mid-November, it will make two more connections with Jupiter, one on November 27 and the other on December 21.

It’s as if a three-chapter story is about to begin. What arises this week may come back for re-evaluation and another level of review at the end of November; the braiding together of these perspectives may then offer a synthesis of insights that becomes more distilled around the Solstice.

Along the way, more signposts that are helpful to understanding what is coming to light may reverberate in early December, given that when Mercury ends its retrograde cycle it does so at a spot very close to where it is when it unites with Jupiter this week.

Here’s one way to work with this invitation: Consider what’s been churning within you, something that you’ve been reflecting upon and have been wanting to more deeply understand and/or for which you’ve wanted to construct more infallible vehicles for getting your ideas disseminated. Consider that the journey to this goal may take about two months, and that between now and then (notably the last week of November and first week of December) there are mini-destinations—knowledge-inspiring pit stops, if you will—available that will help you to evolve your current outlook and grasp how to amplify your edification and ability to educate and inspire others.

This broadening of awareness weaves together an outlook that honors both the depths and the heights. That’s because the current Mercury/Jupiter conjunction (as well as Mercury’s station on December 6) occurs in the deep-digging sign of Scorpio, whereas the other two Mercury/Jupiter unions occur in the optimistic and horizon-motivated Sagittarius. Mercury actually moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius this week, on Halloween.

Also, on Halloween, we’ve got another planet shifting signs: Venus, which has been carving a retrograde path throughout Scorpio, will shift back into Libra, the sign it governs, on Wednesday. And with that, we may find ourselves delving back through relationship territory we’ve traced before. For the next several weeks, friends, lovers and colleagues from the past may re/appear—whether in person, in our inbox, in our minds/hearts, et al.—and with that, we may gain greater understanding as to how we want to navigate partnerships and alliances moving forward.

Part of the path to this may come from a surprising angle this week, given that just before Venus dips back into Libra, it stands face-to-face (in an opposition) to shake-it-up Uranus. Plan for the unplanned, be amenable to the unexpected, and maintain some flexibility calendar-wise so you can be open to spur-of-the-moment plans. Venus/Uranus also inspires us to claim a sense of individuality when it comes to what we value, what holds true treasure for us. Stepping out of line with others in terms of standing for what has us feel aligned with our values may seem unsettling, and yet it allows us to be more true to ourselves in how we define and divine our lives (plus, sometimes being a role model for individuality also gives others the permission that they were seeking to be able to more confidently claim their own path).

The theme of relationships continues through the week with the Juno/Jupiter Opposition. Remembering our mythology, Juno and Jupiter (known in Greek myth as Hera and Zeus) were actually marriage partners. Yet, Jupiter cast a wide net in terms of his love interests, having affairs left and right. This was known to Hera, who pretty much stood by her husband, and yet cast her revenge on his lovers. With Juno and Jupiter standing across the celestial table from each other this week, we could find ourselves focusing upon themes of partnership, loyalty, fidelity, and sacred contracts. We may find ourselves reflecting upon freedom in relationships and what we can (and can’t) tolerate when it comes to the duty and responsibility that comes with commitments.

Astrological Highlights

October 29

  • Mercury/Jupiter Conjunction

October 31

  • Mercury enters Sagittarius

  • Venus/Uranus Opposition

  • Venus re/enters Libra

November 2

  • Juno/Jupiter Opposition

Dates noted reflect Eastern Daylight Time