What's in the Stars for You This Summer?

summer astrology 2018

It’s a summer* of shaking it up, a time to break old patterns, rethink our direction, and find a new way to nourish ourselves. It’s a period where detours may be common allies and emboldening our heart an unavoidable pursuit; all the while, we may find ourselves on the playing field in a bolder and more creative way.

After all, we’ve got a tapestry of dynamic astro alignments, including three Eclipses, Mars and Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter/Neptune Trine, and much more weaving themselves throughout the coming months.

What will YOU shake up this summer? That's the focus of my Stellar Summer Sessions. 

During this 1/2-hour consultation, we'll look at how the current celestial events connect to your personal astrology chart, dialoguing about what new arenas are being ushered in, while also discussing perspectives and wellness strategies so that you feel empowered to consciously approach and engage in what is unfolding. And if you're interested, I'll also share ways you can turn to your dreams to help you navigate the opportunities for growth that this summer astrological landscape is catalyzing.

And while one session may provide you with just what you need, for those who want to have guidance touchstones throughout the summer, I’ve created a three-session series that provides you with savings. You can schedule your sessions for whenever is best for you over the coming months.

These sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or FaceTime video. They are available for current and new clients, and are recorded for you so you can listen to them again and again.

Single Sessions: $75

Three Sessions: $195

(Special: If you schedule your first session by the July 12 Solar Eclipse, I will donate 10% to your choice of the ACLU, St Jude Children's Research Hospital, or Earth Justice.)

Write me here to schedule your Stellar Summer Session.

* winter for my friends in the Southern Hemiphere