Stellar Insights: January 14 - 20, 2019

Image by Raw Pixels via Unsplash

Image by Raw Pixels via Unsplash

Has water been appearing for you as a noticeable theme? Are you seeing it in your dreams and/or your waking life more than usual? I’ve heard from many people as to their being surprised upon seeing water in places that they didn’t expect/desire and/or having dreams that feature swimming, diving, being caught in the undertow of the ocean and/or witnessing a tsunami (for the latter, that includes myself).

Given that the first of the three Jupiter/Neptune Squares that color the kairos occurred yesterday (January 13), it makes sense that the archetype of water would be visiting our conscious and unconscious minds/lives. (The other two Jupiter/Neptune alignments occur on June 16 and September 21.)

After all, Neptune (and Neptune in Pisces, nonetheless) is associated with the aquatic, the seas, the oceans, the bodies of water in which we bathe, soak, swim, and float. The water is uncontained, quenches thirst, offers itself as elixir, has the power of dissolving, and mesmerizes us with its power and flow. All the while, Jupiter in Sagittarius opens us to elevation, broad strokes and the enthusiasm of the wide and the more.

 And with both Mercury and Venus connecting in with Jupiter and Neptune this (and next) week, it would seem that this aquatic theme may continue. 

In addition to water, another thing that I think of when I think of the current Jupiter/Neptune Square is the realm of addictions. The reason I connect this with the Jupiter/Neptune Square is this….

While being the planet of numinosity, Neptune—notably in Pisces—also reflects our desires for the ideal, the pull to merge, the deep connection that touches us into the universality of love as well as suffering. And with that, and its associated permeability and sensitivity, Neptune also connects us to our desire to blur, to escape, to numb. And with that, it’s related to addictions (among other things).

Jupiter, among its other aspects, embodies the qualities of expansion, growth, making things bigger, and wisdom. As such, Jupiter connecting to Neptune may have us tune into our addictions, providing an opportunity to further understand them. And with Neptune also making an alignment with give-it-structure Saturn this year, we may find that this year gives us a concentrated opportunity to commit to doing the work to move through our dependences and unconscious habituations. Reflecting this, it feels like we are on the helms of great potential healing and that this month—given that we have the initiating alignment of both the Jupiter/Neptune Square (January 13) and the Saturn/Neptune Sextile (January 31)—may give us strength in terms of taking the steps to begin to look at our addictions in an even more concentrated and committed way.

Also, this week, there’s an invitation to shake up how we show up. Our ability to be flexible and inventive may pay off, not only in terms of reducing stress but also in helping us to redesign the way in which we can approach and make the best of a situation. Doing so may require that we really dig down into the deep strata within ourselves where honesty and integrity reside. Rather than communicating from the superficial layers, we’re pulled to brush past the BS (and recognize it when it tries to inject itself into our visons) and focus upon the heart of the matter. We’re reminded of the cycles of life—and in that, the preciousness that life holds. Turning our attention to understanding what yields us vitality, and what emaciates it, may help us to better choose actions that are regenerative and life-giving.

Capricorn Season continues through Sunday when the Sun shifts into Aquarius. Until then, we’re called to work hard, further understand the nature of commitments, and see the virtue and value of rules. 

A total Lunar Eclipse occurs over the course of January 20 to 21. It’s visible in North and South America and parts of Europe and Africa. Here’s some information on this astronomical event—it happens to be a supermoon too—and how/where to see it.  

And while I’ll share more on the astrological reflections of this Leo Lunar Eclipse next week—or subscribe to my free monthly Elixir newsletter to get insights on it this weekend—I do want to share this:

Remember that we are in the midst of Eclipse Season (the Capricorn Solar Eclipse occurred on January 5), and that during this time things may seem eclipsed or covered over. And so while we may be feeling a strong sea change, and that significant shifts are occurring personally and/or collectively, we may also not be able to see just where they are exactly headed. And while this unclarity may bring some stress, remember that this is as it is during Eclipse Season, and that in the coming weeks things may become more clear; and yet in the meanwhile, see how accepting being in a space of ambiguity and obscuring may actually connect you to greater peace and a patience that inspires greater confidence in all that is unfolding. 

 Astrological Highlights

January 14 

  • Mercury/Neptune Sextile


January 18

  • Venus/Mars Trine

  • Mercury/Pluto Conjunction 

  • Sun/Uranus Square


January 20

  • Sun enters Aquarius

  • Venus/Neptune Square


Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time