Stellar Insights: January 7 - 13, 2019

Photo by Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

Photo by Tim Mossholder via Unsplash

There’s a sense of diffusion that may stream through this week. While we may be finding ourselves drawn to the concrete, focused upon tangible goals and the routes to achieving them, it could seem as if the landscape between the here/now and the there/then is a bit hazy.

Don’t necessarily take this as a negative as there are times when the fog that is in front of us isn’t necessarily an adversary but rather an ally. It may inform us to slow down and approach what is ahead with patience and faith, and the remembrance that time is an essential ingredient in any recipe. 

We may also find that what transforms the unclarity to clarity, lifts the veil that shrouds our perceived uncertainty, is a less rational and more intuitive way of approaching things. Turn to your imaginative and open to a softness of thinking—the part of you that can pierce the apparition that things are discrete and instead can see all of the shared connection points that exist. Allow yourself to allow, to receive insights, to open to feelings: see how this surrender isn’t a capitulation but rather a means to create an empathy aperture, one that inspires insight and wisdom.

I share all this from two perspectives.

One is that we are in the liminal space between this month’s two Eclipses. The first—the Capricorn Solar Eclipse—occurred on Saturday while the next—the Leo Lunar Eclipse—inspires the sky on January 20-21.

Eclipse season accords with a time of life-shifting awareness and the beginning of new chapters. And yet, during the time around and between them, like the Sun and Moon which are obscured by the shadow of the other during Eclipses, things may seem eclipsed or covered over during this time. Remember that this is a quality and characteristic of this period, and consider how the current unclarity may itself be essential to the manifestation of what is unfolding; there are times when we need to live in the space of ambiguity so as to forge even greater lucidity in the future.

The other reason I shared what I did above is that this week features the first of three Jupiter/Neptune Squares, an alignment that colors the kairos this year (the next one occurs in June, the final in September). Jupiter in Sagittarius elevates and broadens while Neptune in Pisces inspires dissolving and merging. And with that, we may find ourselves more connected to our dreams—both our goals as well as the insights of our nightly journeys. We’re open—and opening up—to the beautiful and the possible; and yet, sometimes during the process of seeing things in a different form, we need also to remember to not get swept away by our ideals while also being mindful when we see things infused with a rosy hue that it’s not just that way because we are donning rose-tinted shades.

Additionally, as the end of the week arrives there’s a serious tone that arises. Friday features the Sun/Pluto Conjunction and with that the remembrance that the cycles of life are all too real. It seems important to connect to the generative power that comes from letting go, whether of our need for control and/or from things/attitudes/narratives that no longer inspire vitality. See what within your life has reached its “sell-by date”—aiming to clear it away to make space for the new, and for renewal.

Also this weekend we have the Mercury/Saturn Conjunction and with that, we may find ourselves being very selective towards what we turn our attention. Being deliberate with our words may pay off in spades. If we’ve cut corners when it comes to communications, we may experience the consequences. Alternatively, if we’ve been investing our energy in an efficient and well thought-out manner, we may find ourselves with a sense of satisfaction when thinking of the integrity of what we’ve created.

Wishing you a stellar week,

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January 7

  • Venus enters Sagittarius


January 8

  • Mercury/Mars Square


January 11

  • Sun/Pluto Conjunction


January 13

  • Mercury/Saturn Conjunction

  • Jupiter/Neptune Square


Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time