Stellar Insights: January 21 - 27, 2019

Photo by Dynamic Wang via Unsplash

Photo by Dynamic Wang via Unsplash

Are you beginning to feel a greater sense of clarity about reflections, decisions, and pursuits that captured your attention last year, notably since May?

I ask this given that the Lunar Eclipse that just graced our skies has a synergistic relationship with many of 2018’s striking astrological happenings—Mars Retrograde, Venus Retrograde, and Uranus plodding in/out of Taurus.

This illumination may bring things into sharper focus and yet we may still feel that we’re uncertain of how things will play themselves out. This seems natural/normal given that we’re still in the fog of Eclipse season and that Uranus will re-inspire this tapestry when it goes back into Taurus in March. I’ve been thinking a lot about the unfolding of this symphony that connects last year with the first few months of this one and shared my reflections on it in the article I wrote about the Lunar Eclipse. You can find my thoughts on it beginning in the seventh paragraph of that article. I hope you find it illuminating.

In addition to the Eclipse inspirations we’ve received, the beginning of the week may also have us focused in on just what it is that brings us pleasure and a sense of the beautiful. We could find ourselves honing in on what actually has value to us and what doesn’t. Honoring a desire to live life with more richness—and continuing to define what that means—may capture our attention. And while an urge to entertain our penchant for expanding our lives may feel strong, the key may be to do so while also valuing a need to move ahead in a prudent and efficient manner.

Being open to new ideas and channels through which to share them may also be a theme this week. With Mercury and Uranus squaring off, being both flexible and innovative about how we gather and disseminate insights may be beneficial. And with Mercury moving into Aquarius and through the Eclipse point on Thursday, we may also find that inner reflections and outer events allow us to access a sharpened level of understanding: notably of what is coming to light for us this week that is allowing us to further put the challenges, opportunities, frustrations, and/or patience-inspired successes of 2018 into greater context.


Astrological Highlights

January 21

  • Leo Lunar Eclipse Full Moon

  • Mars/Saturn Square


January 22

  • Venus/Jupiter Conjunction


January 23

  • Mercury/Uranus Square


January 24

  • Mercury enters Aquarius


January 25

  • Mars/Jupiter Trine


Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time