Stellar Insights: January 28 - February 3, 2019

Photo by Arif Wahid via Unsplash

Photo by Arif Wahid via Unsplash

What inspires you? What activities and/or ways of orienting leave you feeling as if you’re more connected and less isolated? What experiences allow you to tap into the ineffable, and with that find yourself with a greater sense of inner peace and deep knowingness?

Given that this week we have the first of the three Saturn/Neptune Sextiles* that color the kairos all year, these reflections feel timely.

We may find ourselves considering what it takes to architect our dreams, what support and foundation we need in order to further manifest the visions and ideals that stream through our hearts and minds. All the while, we could find ourselves seeing just what it is that depletes us, that which catalyzes a sense of dissolution and/or disillusion. It’s a week where the theme of water may once again capture our attention, as we gain awareness of its indispensability all the while further understanding what it needs to stay within its bounds.

In addition, minds burn bright this week as the Sun comes together with messenger Mercury. We’re magnetized to want to gather and share information, possibly at a quick clip at times. See what you see, yet also remember that while our intellect can be informing, there are times when its desire to be the sole commander of choice ends up drowning out other sources of input (feelings, intuition, kinesthetic senses, et al.) vital to thorough understanding.

As the weekend approaches, we could find ourselves tapping into a deeper level of desire. We may feel moved to move in ways that spring forth from motivations that lay below the surface. Before engaging with others and/or following through on pursuits, do a rigorous self-check, asking yourself honestly why it is that you’re wanting to do what you want to do? Inquiring within as to your motivation can not only further help you choose what things you truly want to pursue and which ones you don’t, but by being clear about your motivations you’ll be able to act more consciously, intentionally, and powerfully.

That said, the energy may feel a bit intense and explosive. So, be diligent. If you’re engaged in a situation and your Spidey senses tell you that it’s not the most supportive (whether emotionally, mentally or physically), listen in and step away. 

Also, as the weekend approaches, we could find ourselves wanting to bust out of rote approaches to socializing, making ourselves available to engage with those with whom we don’t usually spend time. Shaking up our social calendar may yield an unexpected surprise in terms of how it shifts our perspective, adding value that we may not even have imagined was there to discover.

Astrological Highlights

January 29

  • Sun/Mercury Conjunction


January 31

  • Saturn/Neptune Sextile


February 1

  • Mars/Pluto Square


February 2

  • Venus/Uranus Trine


February 3

  • Mercury/Jupiter Sextile

  • Venus enters Capricorn

Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time 


* The subsequent Saturn/Neptune Sextiles are June 18 and November 8.