Stellar Insights: October 7 - 13, 2019

Photo by Amy Shamblen via Unsplash

Photo by Amy Shamblen via Unsplash

Being present is a present, a gift that allows us to root in to the moment, to plant ourselves in the here, and to truly hear. Being in the moment creates a stillness that allows us to be aware of the movement, whether of a tree rustling, a child emotion’s shifting, or the waves of our mind’s chatter. And in that knowingness we discover a new ability to wayfind, to navigate our lives with deeper vision, greater confidence, and a stillness that taps us into reservoirs of beauty rather than just pools of fear and consternation.

Being present this week allows us also to not only be more curious but also more sensitive to what we are noticing both inside and out. In the last week-plus, there’s been a whole new level of stirring and dredging that we’ve been connecting to. I say this reflecting that Pluto, the planet that reminds us to probe what’s underneath, stationed direct last week

And as much as we may feel that we’ve broken through the surface, and are plumbing the depths of the previously hidden, shrouded, and mysterious, it seems like this week will offer us an opportunity for more of it to come to light. The reason: Sunday’s Aries Full Moon strongly weaves in the energetics of Pluto, as the latter makes an exact square alignment to the Sun and the Moon. 

It feels like something wants to more clearly shine forth. And like a Full Moon that creates a lantern that can guide us in the dark, what may emerge may serve as a torch that not only lights our way but also allows us to ignite our will to move forward.

That said, the arising of insights and the keeping our eyes open to what we see may feel like it’s not for the faint hearted. After all, there was some reason we’ve kept ourselves distant from whatever it may have been that we hadn’t wanted to encounter or admit, even if we’ve known that pushing it ‘out of sight’ (in quotes because it’s always there and seen/felt, even if it’s just its shadows that haunt us) doesn’t obliterate it. 

Yet, if we know that the naming and the facing of the things we’d buried and cast aside won’t destroy us but will actually make us stronger, we will not only have an easier time moving through the integration process but we will be better suited to come out the other side with more wisdom, compassion, and a soulful deepening that enriches our lives.

It’s this alchemy and transformation that feels so present to me this week. And by being present we may not only expand our noticing but also our courage and confidence that we can face what may arise, further slay our dragons, and open to the power of connection that gives our lives richness and meaning.

For some, it may be in the realm of relationships, or our relationship to relationships, that the alchemy takes place. After all, not only does the Full Moon feature the Sun in partnership-oriented Libra and the Moon in warrior Aries but the day before this lunation, love planet Venus makes an opposition to shake-it-up Uranus. And with this, we may find ourselves experiencing unexpected awareness related to our relationships.

The beautiful pathway forward that this offers us is to be proactive with its invitation: consider how you may want to step outside of any assumptions or deeply etched patterns that have defined partnerships and approach your alliances from this angle. See what gets born and created when you come from beginner’s mind and also state your needs for freedom. See how shaking things up may shake out the old and allow for a new space where things, before yet unimagined, can be born. Let the old that is not vitality-inspiring go to allow a rebirth to occur. 

And while for some this regeneration may occur in the realm of relationships, it’s not to say that that’s the only arena. For you, it may be your creativity, your career, your finances, your approach to well-being….or other arenas. What seems to be a key here, given that it’s Venus that’s being invited to change it up, is that we take the time to reconsider our values, what we find to be rich and worthwhile, and give ourselves the freedom to do so. And, at the heart of that, what has the possibility to arise is a new way of looking at and appreciating the value that we are, the richness that we embody. It is this that is another gift that being present this week can offer us.

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PS: If you want additional insights into the possibilities that this Full Moon—as well as other elements of October’s astrological landscape—offers, take a listen to the latest episode of the So Divine! podcast that I do with clairvoyant and Tarot reader Megan Skinner.

Astrological Highlights 

October 7

  • Sun/Saturn Square


October 8

  • Venus enters Scorpio


October 12

  • Venus/Uranus Opposition


October 13

  • Sun/Jupiter Sextile

  • Aries Full Moon