Stellar Insights: September 30 - October 6, 2019

Photo by Rene Bohmer via Unsplash

Photo by Rene Bohmer via Unsplash


It’s this word that I’ve been using a lot recently and which feels like an incredibly powerful invitation this week.

The reason being is that Pluto, the planet of hidden treasures, shifts direct on Thursday..

As you may remember, around the time that a planet begins or ends its retrograde cycle, its movement across the sky seems to slow down, appearing to even stand still. This is called stationing. When a planet stations, the archetypes that it represents seem to capture our collective attention in a potent and poignant way.

So with Pluto stationing (set to end its retrograde cycle and return to apparent direct motion), all week we may find ourselves tuned into Plutonian themes, such as:

  • Unmasking

  • Deconstructing

  • Shadow play

  • Power grabs

  • Control issues

  • Regeneration

  • Feeling a sense of do-or-die sense of urgency

Pluto reminds us that while things may appear out of sight that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. 

And with Pluto casting its powerful hue in the kairos, we may find ourselves focused upon dredging, bringing things to light via the process of deep searching. Or we may experience dredging more passively, as we notice how things are being dredged up, perhaps even beyond what we perceive is our control. 

Take the opportunity to excavate the buried layers, whether in the back of a closet that desperately needs cleaning, by exfoliating and regenerating your skin, and/or burrowing deeply within your heart to plunge into the stratas where your honest truths reside. We may find that as things are dredged up, it’s secrets that get captured in the net of our under-the-surface journey. Or, it may be that what we discover are the subconscious narratives that compulsively impel our motivations. Or, what may get raised are some fears, which we can then face and perhaps even release/raze, as the light of consciousness helps to work with them and clear them. 

While the invitation to dredge may arrive in numerous forms all week, it may be more apparent early in the week in the realm of our relationships (or relationship to relationships), finances, orientation to our social life, how we create order and beauty, and the way in which we define justice. Additionally, it’s a powerful time to encourage ourself to dive straight into the stories we tell ourselves that undermine our sense of value, shedding self-talk that undermines our sense of worth, and reconnect to a deeper sense of rich resourcefulness. The reason? As Pluto is stationing this week, it makes a square alignment with the planet Venus.

As I noted last week, we’re in a powerful period that has the themes of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction feeling really quite potent, given that Saturn stationed direct on September 18 and Pluto on October 3. The call to deconstruct to reconstruct that you may have been experiencing this year, that may feel like it’s building to cast even greater form next year, may feel like it’s whispering in quite loudly during these weeks. Notice the themes that are coming to your attention. These are powerful treasures, essential ingredients in this deep process of transformation that is occurring.

Wishing you a week full of power and transformation that comes with dredging,




Astrological Highlights

September 30

  • Venus/Pluto Square


October 3

  • Pluto Stations Direct

  • Mercury enters Scorpio


October 4

  • Mars enters Libra

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Timezone (- 4 hrs GMT)