Stellar Insights: February 25 - March 4, 2019

Photo by Patrick Ryan via Unsplash

Photo by Patrick Ryan via Unsplash

Sometimes things are what they are for what they are, and sometimes what they are is carved by their relationship to something else and what it is.

I say this thinking about this week. It’s not to say that it doesn’t have qualities of its own, of course it does.

Yet, I also feel like some of what defines it is in relationship to the following week, the one that begins on March 4, because of that being a stunning week of marked shifts. The reason being is that on March 5 Mercury stations retrograde, and just the next day, we not only have a Pisces New Moon that connects with dreamy Neptune but it’s also when Uranus plods into Taurus where it will be for the next seven years.

Next week there are endings and beginnings, beginning and endings. There is the streaming of surrender that allows for flow. There are shake-ups and explosive surprises. And there’s a lot of haze, spaces of unclarity in which we may drift off, and find ourselves touching into a deeper sense of clarity mixed with a modicum of hazy confusion.

But that’s a story for another day, or another week. Now, let’s come back to this week.

Do you get the feeling that change is just around the corner and that things are moving forth towards a culmination of something that may give way in March? I’ve noticed this experience in many people over the last little while and I think that this week offers more continuance of this feeling. After all, until next week when Mercury Retrograde begins, all planets are still moving in direct motion.

Yet, all the while that there may feel like a continuance of movement, we also have a strong invitation to create more space for ourselves and experiment with our approach. There’s something about shaking up the way in which we seek and define treasure that can be really valuable this week. Looking at relationships through a fresh pair of eyes, rather than just lens informed through past expectations and narratives, will allow for the birth of something new that would otherwise not be realized.

And in that, make sure to allow yourself to be surprised. As others find themsevels wanting to break their own patterns, they may show up in ways that you hadn’t anticipated. As such, holding open the space for this possibility may help to lessen the experience of feeling thrown off guard should a friend, lover, or partner appear in a way that is different than assumed. 

It’s a good week to consider whether we are craving more freedom in relationships. Additionally, reflecting upon which relationships actually give us a canvas that allows us to feel a deep sense of freedom to be ourselves may also yield great awareness.

We could find that these questions, and the experiences we have this week, don’t appear in isolation or as if they are really out-of-the-blue happenings. But rather we can see that they were actually preceded by experiences in the last years in which we received glimpses of what it meant to live in a way in which we felt more liberty to be ourselves. During these years we may have found ourslevs also having a different relationship with courage, further understanding what it is and how to access our expanded bastion of bravery. This week, we may find ourselves feeling more confident about the courage coalition we forged, while also tapping into it to help us further spearhead shifts in our lives that are important to us, those rooted in the foundation of the new definition we discovered as to what it mean to have value and richiness in our lives.


 Astrological Highlights

February 27

  • Sun/Mars Sextile


March 1

  • Venus/Uranus Square

  • Venus enters Aquarius

Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time