Stellar Insights: February 18 - 24, 2019

Photo by Kristopher Roller via Unsplash

Photo by Kristopher Roller via Unsplash

As the week begins, we’ve entered into a new collective territory in which we may learn to heal some of wounds that have kept us back from accepting all facets that make us an individual. We may also find ourselves better understanding our anger, how it both guides and blinds us, and how to marshal our forces to fight for that which ignites our spirit. And while that may seem like a tall order, this invitation for healing—and wholeness—isn’t one that needs to be completed with any immediacy, but rather one that will capture our attention over the years. That’s because what it reflects is Chiron moving into Aries today, the field in which it will soldier on for through 2027. (Speaking of immediacy, though, our desire for having things “now” and a sense of impatience that we may all carry is itself something upon which we may also focus in on over the next eight years, given that Aries is a sign known for its “if not now, then when?” perspectitve.)

Chiron is marching into Aries from Pisces, where it’s swam since 2011. If you’d like to look back upon this period and see what lessons you may have learned in this Chiron in Pisces period, here are some topical Stellar Reflection Questions:

In the past eight years, what have you learned about:
* The importance of boundaries when it comes to fully embodying empathy?

* The wounds that are caused by striving for an ideal that one can never truly attain?

* The power forgiveness and how it truly can be medicine?

* The role of addictions in your life and have you shifted how you relate with them?

* The healing power of water?

* The suffering to which the seascapes and its inhabitants are currently subject?

Now, while Chiron left Pisces on Monday, it’s also the day that the Sun enters this poetic and fluid sign, heralding in this year’s Pisces Season, which runs through March 20.

Speaking of Pisces, with Mercury and Neptune in union in this sign, we may find ourselves speaking under its influence early in the week. (Speaking of being under the influence, it’s thought that our systems are more sensitive when Mercury and Neptune run together, so be extra careful with intake of substances that can shift mood and consciousness.) Our minds may drift and a foggy feeling may descend. Yet, we may also find ourselves feeling inspired imaginatively, as we’re able to capture visions not otherwise netted if we didn’t let our thoughts flow. Our intuition may feel closer at hand, and our dreams more vivid than usual.

With the Virgo Full Moon illuminating the sky on Tuesday, as much as we may find ourselves in the flow, we could also find ourselves taken to task to complete and focus on tasks. Defined and discernible projects capture our attention; don’t abdicate the dreamer and yet don’t let it take over either as there are things that need to be worked upon and for which the details matter. If we float over them, we could later find ourselves giving away too much of our time, energy, and resources. For more on the Full Moon, see here.

As the weekend appears, big possibilities seem to loom on the horizon. We may be able to use our command of language to expand the potential of a project on which we are working. Yet, just watch that you don’t overshoot or overpromise due to a swirl of excitement or enthusiasm.

It’s also a time to dig into what you value. Consider how love and intimacy can help you to burrow deeper into the rich reserves of life’s treasures. Look below the surface to see the true richness that a relationship has—or perhaps doesn’t. Don’t be surprised if emotions—or maybe buried information—come out of the woodwork, related to partnerships, financial relationships, or even artistic collaborations. Power dynamics may also be revealed.

If things have been over-restrained and not given the light of day, they may come streaming forward. This could manifest in either a strong feeling, almost a compulsive feeling, to share insights with someone to which they haven’t had access.

Or what may emerge may reside within you, as buried feelings bubble up from below the surface of your conscious mind. It’s a time when that which has been suffocating in the shadows wants to see the light of day. It may feel intense to witness them—after all, there was a reason we may have avoided them in the first place—and yet for our well-being and wholeness we may want to invite them up to the level of conscious vision. If things feel intense, whether within yourself or within relationship dynamics, take it slowly, and wrap yourself in a shawl of compassion; remember that this too shall pass, and what will emerge on the other side may be a whole new territory with more ground springs of vitality.

Astrological Highlights

February 18

  • Chiron enters Aries

  • Mercury/Saturn Conjunction

  • Sun enters Pisces

February 19

  • Mercury/Neptune Conjunction

  • Virgo Full Moon

  • Mercury/Saturn Sextile

February 22

  • Mercury/Jupiter Square

  • Venus/Pluto Conjunction

February 23

  • Mercury/Pluto Sextile

Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time