Stellar Insights: March 25 - 31, 2019

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon via Unsplash

The past three weeks, since Mercury has been retrograde, we’ve had an opportunity to revisit terrain already traveled. It’s been a time in which we’ve become reacquainted with ideas, concepts, and conversations that have already passed through our field of awareness. 

Sometimes re-engaging with these lends us a sweet feeling of nostalgia, as if we are greeting a long-lost friend. Sometimes doing so may have us feeling frustrated; after all, we may think, we left something in the past for a reason, happy to be done with it and now aren’t that thrilled to have to attend to it again.

Regardless, when Mercury is retrograde, we cannot but look back and/or be open to notions from the past. I believe that one of the virtues of this three-times yearly cycle is to give us the opportunity to slow down and turn around so that we find and recapture treasures that would otherwise be left behind. And so the revisiting can lead to a greater level of understanding, re-introduce a resource that wasn’t of value at the time but is now and/or allow us to find a sense of closure that felt previously out of reach. Mercury Retrograde can gift us an opportunity to re-weave a loose thread, so that the fabric of our lives can have more wholeness, integrity, and strength. (That said, sometimes the path to getting there can be frustrating; yet, in seeing setbacks through the lens that they may be pointing us towards things that we can recapture and re-embrace, we may find that they have a new level of meaning.)

With Mercury being retrograde in the sign of Pisces, some of what we recaptured and re-embraced may be related to ways in which we can find more soulfulness in our life. It may be information, or conversations, or modes of coordination that allow us to be softer, more compassionate, additionally empathetic, or further the inspiration that fuels our artistry. It may be resources of knowledge that have us feel that life can be magical, that have us touch a deeper well of love, or have us remember that we are all woven together in human nature (and with all of nature).

I share these reflections now because Thursday, Mercury ends its current retrograde cycle. As such, the first few days of this week still offer us an opportunity to turn around to go back over terrain already traveled, to reconnect with something or someone from the past, to see things from a new angle, to fish jewels from the pool of experiences you’ve previously had. As Thursday approaches, and Mercury stations (appears to stand still in the sky as its set to appear to shift directions), it may seem like there’s a flood of information, facts and figures, and whispers of insight that fill our minds. Go slow and be open and yet discerning, so as not to feel overwhelmed, ungrounded, or anxious. And then, as Mercury Retrograde becomes an event in the rearview mirror of your present, see how what you learned in those weeks of turning around can be fodder for new seeds to be planted, which you can tend and water, which will flourish into ideas and inspirations filled with hope and potential.

Astrological Highlights

 March 26

  • Venus enters Pisces


March 27

  • Venus/Uranus Sextile

March 28

  • Mercury Stations Direct


March 31

  • Mars enters Gemini