Stellar Insights: April 1 - 7, 2019

Photo by Majid Rangraz via Unsplash

Photo by Majid Rangraz via Unsplash

As the week begins we may find ourselves still feeling as if we’re swimming in a lane of liminality, with a veil of fogginess surrounding us. It may seem that honing in isn’t the key for dispersing haziness, that the more we try to only rely upon our rational minds, the more we may feel like we’re Alice meeting the White Rabbit, dealing with situations that seem to mix up and confuse what we perceive to be rationality. 

One possible solution?

Don’t fully fight the confusion, and perhaps try not to even label it as such. See if by taking the situation as it is, in all its fogginess, if you can’t but evidence insights that you would otherwise miss. What is it that can’t be neatly labeled or categorized, and what does it reveal to you? See how things that may have seemed separate and boundaried before actually have a relationship—a unity and a correlation—that you didn’t previously perceive, and how this helps you to further understand the reality of things. 

I share all this with an eye to the third of three recent Mercury/Neptune Conjunctions: the first was February 19, the second March 24, and the final one April 2. Turn around to look at these dates, seeing if what arose around the first one that may have been reviewed from a different perspective around the second one isn’t but feeling as if it’s coming to more closure and conclusion this week; see if by doing this exercise, it doesn’t but reveal more understanding for you as to how you may have gained new vantage points when it comes to finding more ways to understand subtleties and perceiving things that were kept out of view—whether by yourself or others.

Yet, it does seem that the fogginess may be burned off as the weekend approaches, notably given that we have the Aries New Moon on Friday. And with that, an amplified sense of willpower may catalyze us to tap into what we desire and how we want to engage in alignment with it. Both Aries and New Moons signify beginnings. Consider what it is that you want to inspire in your life going forward and how you can further connect to your wellspring of courage in order to champion for a cause, personally and/or collectively, that moves your spirit. For more on the New Moon, see here.

With Pluto uniting with the South Node, we may also find our collective attention turned to issues related to power and control, death and regeneration. We may further perceive the cost of inherited patterns that uphold societal hierarchical patterns and how these may not only be built upon artifice but also upon fear.

It’s a time when we’re dealing with the shadow, which feels as if it’s begging to be seen and recognized, something that’s not necessarily easy to do. And while the world, and all its problems and upsets. may seem like something out of reach when it comes to healing, and we may find ourselves sometimes feeling like we just want to give up – this week we may find a deeper sense of courage to see and approach things. We may find ourselves thinking “Don’t give up. I want to find within myself more of my bravery and will to champion what it is that I believe in, what I feel is precious.” 

Surrender stories that keep you back from owning your power, remembering that change begins at home, with each of us. If we can own a little bit more of our shadow, dig deeper into ourselves and move through some of our fears, remembering and fighting for the sanctity of life in our personal world…then things will shift around us. 

This feels like one way for us to work with this strong Pluto invitation—in view now with its connection to the South Node and quite pronounced continuing through 2020 via its alignments with Jupiter and Saturn—a way in which we tap into the largesse of life, feeling more control and power, and a renewed vitality of spirit.


Astrological Highlights 

April 2

  • Mercury/Neptune Conjunction


April 4

  • Pluto/South Node Conjunction


April 5

  • Aries New Moon


April 7

  • Mercury/Saturn Sextile


Dates noted reflect Eastern Standard Time