Stellar Insights: April 29 - May 5, 2019

Photo by Zhen Hu via Unsplash

Photo by Zhen Hu via Unsplash

Trudging through an endless list of things to do? Welcome to the Saturn Station.

In astrology, Saturn governs limits and restrictions, and the rules that rule our consensus reality. Saturn reminds us that there is finitude: of time, of resources, and of life. It also encourages us to remember that we can architect things that have long lasting value, if we go slow, don’t cut corners, and focus on the essentiality of integrity.

When a planet stations, in preparation for it appearing to move in a different direction in the sky (shifting from retrograde motion to direct motion, or in the case of the here/now from direct motion to retrograde motion), all that it represents feels really loud and noticeable in the kairos, in the collective and in our lives. With Saturn shifting retrograde Monday April 29, we’re in the thick of the Saturn Station.

So if you have a pile of things to do, you’re not alone. Go slow, be methodical, and get them done without cutting corners. Also consider prioritizing, seeing which ones really have ingrained value and which ones provide more superficial reward, and sequence your efforts through that lens.

And also remember another lesson from Saturn, which rules time: This too shall pass.

Also this week, we have messenger Mercury squaring both Saturn and Pluto. Remember that all year, Saturn and Pluto are dancing together, leading up to their conjunction on January 12, 2020. And with that we may find ourselves gaining more understanding as to the structures that we feel no longer have vitality and which are being, or need to be, dismantled. We may find ourselves dealing with things we consider BS and/or learning more about ways to architect things with more integrity. This understanding may come through information we connect to—whether through dialogues, things we read, messages we share, or in our thinking process.

On Saturday, the Taurus New Moon arrives, bringing our attention to our habits and routines, and our relationship with rhythm. We may find ourselves wanting to experience the world through our senses, enjoying sybaritic pleasures and/or connecting with the natural world. Read more about the New Moon here.


Astrological Highlights

April 29

  • Saturn Stations Retrograde


May 1

  • Mercury/Mars Sextile

  • Mercury/Saturn Square


May 2

  • Mercury/Pluto Square

  • Mercury/Jupiter Trine


May 4

  • Taurus New Moon


May 5

  • Mars/Jupiter Opposition

*All days reflect Eastern Time Zone (EDT)