Stellar Insights: May 20 - 26, 2019

Photo by Zdenek Machacek via Unsplash

Photo by Zdenek Machacek via Unsplash

The pace shifts early this week.

As both the Sun and Mercury meet up in Gemini on Tuesday, our attention turns to what captures our attention. Ideas become big and bright, and the pace through which we’ve been moving through our days becomes less leisurely and more animated. The practical and pragmatic, and the slow and steady, give way to the more darting and dashing tempo that is inspired when we’re moved by a curiosity that fills our minds. And while we may be able to find ideas and information that had recently eluded us, just watch that too mental a focus doesn’t have you distracted not only from the bigger picture but also from feeding not only your mind, but your body and soul as well.

Our focus this week also includes the ways in which we amplify our will and motivate ourselves to attain what it is that we desire. We may find that different-than-usual desires catalyze us into action. And yet, at times we may want to move forward and yet feel blocked in doing so. If this is the case for you, see whether your hesitancy to act is coming from wise prudence or from personal narratives that keep you blocked from asserting your will as you truly desire. 


Astrological Highlights

May 21

  • Sun enters Gemini

  • Mercury enters Gemini

  • Sun/Mercury Conjunction

May 22

  • Mars/Uranus Sextile


May 23

  • Mars/Chiron Square


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Timezone