Stellar Insights: May 13 - 19, 2019



Photo by Sarah Dorweiler via Unsplash

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler via Unsplash

Sometimes less is more. 

I’ve been thinking about this a lot these days as I think more and more about the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction inspiration that’s casting its hue all year, something I’ve written about here and here and here. During this time, we may find ourselves paring down to the essentials of what’s important, moving away from fluff and facades towards the underlying foundations, to not only assess the integrity of the latter but find the beauty of their value.

In this vein, while there are numerous astrological alignments occurring this week, some of which even invite in a greater understanding of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction (notably Mercury making a harmonious trine to both planets later in the week), I wanted to follow through with the “less is more” philosophy: in this current Stellar Insights, I wanted to just point you to the fact that this week’s highlight is the Scorpio Full Moon occurring on the same day (May 18) that values-driven Venus meets shake-it-up Uranus. And to continue with the “less is more” orientation, instead of writing about it here, I’ll point you to the post that I’ve written about it. 

Have a wonderful week filled with less-is-more beauty.


Astrological Highlights 

May 13

  • Sun/Pluto Trine


May 14

  • Venus/Mars Sextile


May 15

  • Venus enters Taurus

  • Mercury/Neptune Sextile

  • Mars enter Cancer


May 16

  • Mercury/Saturn Trine


May 18

  • Mercury/Pluto Trine

  • Venus/Uranus Conjunction

  • Scorpio Full Moon

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Timezone