Stellar Insights: June 24 - 30, 2019

Photo by Amanda Vick via Unsplash

Photo by Amanda Vick via Unsplash

A pair of shoes. 

This feels like an apt image for the beginning of the week, one that begins with Venus in Gemini making a square alignment with Neptune in Pisces.

Venus is the planet that reflects richness, beauty, pleasure and love. Gemini is the sign of the twins, of pairs.

Neptune is the planet that reflects boundary-blurring and the ideal. The sign of Pisces rules the feet and shoes.

Hence, a pair of shoes…and for several reasons (itself very reflective of Gemini, which reveres multiplicity).

For many, shoes are considered a luxury item, something to which some have an addiction, a vessel of glamour that can transport one to a whole new feeling of being. Think Cinderella and the magical nature of shoes. This feels all very Venus/Neptune. It may be a week where we’re struck by the ideal, by glamour, longings, and a pull towards what we define as “the most beautiful.”

And then there’s the saying “to walk in another’s shoes” as a reflection of compassion and empathy. To walk in another’s shoes reflects the ability to slip right into a person as if you are them, so that you can be and relate with them from a deeper space of understanding, as if there were less separation between you. That also is very Venus/Neptune.

Venus/Neptune also reflects relationships that are very simpatico, the times in which we’re on the same wavelength, picking up on the same tides of insights as another. I had this experience this morning, when a relative sent another of his gorgeously written insightful missives to myself and other family members. His writing is glorious, poignant, and personal, while also a reflection on something noticeable in the world, which you don’t really notice until you read his reflections.

Well, guess what his writing was about today? Shoes, or the lack of them therein, as he shared a story built upon different themes but which crystallized upon seeing someone in a public place without shoes, which then opened into the notion of the trend of barefootness.

Venus/Neptune = the kismet of relations sharing a sympathetic space. Venus/Neptune = the absence of shoes. Venus/Neptune = art/writing that moves and inspires you.

In addition to the Venus/Neptune invitations of the week, we’re in the tides of Eclipse Season with the first of this next series occurring July 2. It’s a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in Cancer followed by a Lunar Eclipse (with the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn) on July 16.

Remember that the invitations of Eclipses arise weeks before the actual lunation, and so if you're starting to feel that things are stirring and evolving, it is as it is. Remember too that during Eclipse Season, things may feel eclipsed: we may feel like things are shifting, that a sea change is occurring, and yet not clear exactly what the shores to which we are sailing look like. It seems that more clarity is inspired as the weeks pass, so stay with your intentionality, keep true to your heart, be in connection with what aligns with you, and then be patient as things unfold. 

Given all that, while the first of the Eclipses isn’t until next week, I wanted to share a link to my article on it here with you.

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Astrological Highlights

June 24

  • Venus/Neptune Square


June 26

  • Mercury enters Leo


June 27

  • Sun/Uranus Sextile

All days reflective of Eastern Daylight Time Zone ( -4 hours GMT)