Stellar Insights: July 1 - 7, 2019



Photo by SGR via Unsplash

Photo by SGR via Unsplash

As the week begins, we’re inspired to assert ourselves in honor of what makes our heart shine, reflective of Mars roaring into Leo. The warrior planets stays in this self-expressive sign through mid-August; during this time, if we feel called to assert ourselves and fight for what we love, we’re inspired to do so with pride, dignity, and creativity. Early this week, consider a way in which you want to infuse your life with more color, vivacity, and childhood wonder, and begin to put your energies towards doing so.

The first of this season’s Eclipses occurs on July 2. It’s a new Moon Solar Eclipse with the Sun and Moon in sensitive and protective Cancer. As Cancer’s the sign associated with home, this may very well be a topic that’s front and center in our minds; whether we’re reflecting upon how to make our house or apartment more of a home, who it is that has us feel at home, what makes us feel more at home in our own skin, or even the state of our homeland, it’s a realm that not only captures our attention but one in which we may find shifts occurring in our lives. After all, Solar Eclipses are associated with the ushering in of a new chapter, and a feeling that a field is being cleared so as to enable a fresh way of being to emerge.

All the while, as we’re in the midst of Eclipses (the one on July 2 is followed by a Lunar Eclipse on July 16), everything may feel obscured. So if you’re feeling like a sea change is upon you but you’re not quite clear just where the emerging whispers will lead you, that’s all ok, and as it usually feels this way during Eclipse Season.

For more insights on the Solar Eclipse, see this reflection I wrote. Additionally, the Solar Eclipse—and July’s Eclipse Season in general—is a topic that Megan Skinner and I explore in this month’s episode of our So Divine!podcast, which you can find on my website here and Apple podcasts here.

Something else we discuss in So Divine!is this month’s Mercury Retrograde. It begins on July 7 and goes through July 31. Remember that Mercury Retrograde can be quite an exceptionally creative and productive time; the key is to do like the planet appears to do—and orient in a different direction, retracing your steps and traversing territory already covered.

During these three weeks, swivel your perspective to look at communication-related realms from a different angle, and go back to the past to see how things you’ve already considered or experienced can help you gain more clarity on situations you are facing now. This three weeks of slow and patient reflection can yield heightened clarity, which will allow you to move forward with more confidence and integrity in understanding after the retrograde period of the messenger planet is over.

Also remember that around the beginning and end of Mercury Retrograde, the themes of the planet seem to be very prominent. As such, reflecting upon this week, days before and after the 7th, you may notice that information—both that coming towards you or a perceived need to share it with others—seems heightened. Be careful not to get caught up in a flurry of pressure where you find yourself overwhelmed with messages, facts, and figures without the time/space to digest them. Remember that even if you’re the target of a lot of communication that you don’t necessarily need to respond to it at other’s speeds; go slow, take time to pause, and don’t rush to have and/or complete conversations if you’re not fully ready to.

Also, during this period around the 7th, if you’re feeling shaken up, nervous and/or edgy, do what you can to take care of yourself and your nervous system; whether it’s exercise, meditation, taking baths, playing with the kids, cooking, gardening, taking Rescue Remedy, and/or something else, turn to your go-to relaxation practices to help calm and center your body, mind, and spirit.

Astrological Highlights

July 1

  • Mars enters Leo


July 2

  • Cancer Solar Eclipse (New Moon)


July 3

  • Venus enters Cancer


July 7 

  • Mercury Retrograde begins


All days reflective of Eastern Daylight Time Zone ( -4 hours GMT)