Stellar Insights: June 3 - 9, 2019

Photo by Designecologist via Unsplash

Photo by Designecologist via Unsplash

When it comes to communication, we’re invited to begin again this week, initiating a new chapter when it comes to the way in which we want to gather and share information, and circumnavigate our environment. The reason? The week begins with a New Moon in the curious and mentally inspiring sign of Gemini. As we’re inspired to flit here and there, gathering an array of inputs and experiences that meet our need to learn this and know that, it’s important to still stay mindful so as not to be too overwhelmed in our minds and frayed in our nerves. For more on the New Moon, see here.

With Mercury entering Cancer, where it will nest for the next three weeks, our words may feel infused with emotionality while our path to sharing knowledge may be more indirect than straightforward. Later this week, Venus hops into Gemini, and through early July we’re reminded that sometimes we don’t have to have a unilateral definition of beauty and richness; rather, we’re remember that we can find value and pleasure in an array of things, relationships, and experiences.

As the Sun squares Neptune, it seems to begin a weeks-long period where the latter, the planet of the watery, unbounded, and numinous takes center stage. The reason? In the subsequent two-plus weeks, we’ll not only have the next Jupiter/Neptune Square and Saturn/Neptune Sextile (the first were in January and the last in September and November, respectively) but the planet of mysticism will station retrograde and also make a connection to Mars and Venus. Talk about being in a swathe of time that may feel quite dreamy, and also foggy, a time when we can connect to the depths of what we love, and what moves and inspires us (all the while needing to be careful to not get swept away by the glamour of an illusion, seeing things as we want them to be rather than as they are). While I’ll write more about this in the coming weeks, if you’d like to get more perspective now as to what this time may invite, listen in to the latest So Divine! podcast, in which Megan Skinner and I explore this vastly illuminating time.

Astrological Highlights

June 3

  • Gemini New Moon


June 4

  • Mercury enters Cancer


June 7

  • Mercury/Uranus Sextile


June 8

  • Venus enters Gemini


June 9

  • Sun/Neptune Square

All days reflect Eastern Daylight Timezone