Stellar Insights: August 12 - 18, 2019

Robert Delaunay,  Rythme_n°1  (1938)

Robert Delaunay, Rythme_n°1 (1938)

Do you want to do an exercise this week? If so, here’s my suggestion.

At the beginning of this week reflect upon and answer this question:

When I think of beauty, who and/or what come to mind, and why?

(Consider limiting your list to the first eight emblems of beauty that come to mind.)

And then, as the week closes, ask yourself that very same question; yet do so at a different time of the day and in different location than you previously did:

When I think of beauty, who and/or what come to mind, and why?

(Again, consider limiting your list to the first eight emblems of beauty that come to mind.)

What I’m curious about with this exercise is if and how our answers may shift over the days as I think that there may be a good chance that they will.

This new perspective on beauty in our lives may arise from outer experiences or inner reflections. Or, the differing of beauty emblems that arise for us may be related to what we can evidence related to the mood and/or environment we’re in when reflecting upon the questions.

See what arises for you. And note, it’s not to say that what you access at the end of the week has more value. Rather, look at the distinctions while also seeing the compendium while also realizing, of course, that what arose may continue to shift and change.

Why do I think that this is a good exercise to do this week?

It’s because the concept of beauty may occupy a centerpiece of our attention this week given the prominence that Venus plays, as it unites with the Sun and connects to the Full Moon (see here for more on the Full Moon).

And given this week also features a connection between messenger Mercury and shake-it-up Uranus, it feels like we may find ourselves connecting to new ideas and conceptions, ones different than we’re used to. As such, not only does it seem like it’s a week where new ideations may spring forth but that we may find that we can gather new insights if we do exercises of inquiry that are different than our routine or habituated ways. Additionally, we may gather awareness as to how our thinking and evidencing may be inspired by our moods and/or environments. With Mercury/Uranus we have the opportunity to access innovative ideas while also giving ourselves permission to tap into the freedom that we feel when new founts of understanding spring forth.

If you choose to not do this exercise, no worries. I have a sense that just even reading this may help shake something up for you when it comes to this week’s themes.

Plus, on some level not doing it itself would be a reflection of Mercury/Uranus, given that Uranus doesn’t like constraints; rather it inspires us with the desire for independence, the rebelling against protocols and fixed approaches. And when it connects with Mercury, as it does this week, we may find ourselves bucking the system when it comes to proposals related to communication, inquiries, and gathering information.

So with that in mind, regardless of whether or not you do the exercise, I wish you a week filled with lots of beauty, however it is that you define that, and one in which you access ideas that have you experiencing a breadth of freedom.

PS. Venus, as you likely know, relates to more than just beauty. It’s connected to relationships, love, seduction, the things we value, money, and the concept of worth. Therefore while beauty may capture our attention and shine bright this week, so may these other Venusian realms.

Astrological Highlights

August 14

  • Sun/Venus Conjunction

August 15

  • Aquarius Full Moon

August 16

  • Mercury/Uranus Square

August 18

  • Mars enters Virgo

All days reflect EDT time zone ( - 4 hours GMT)