Stellar Insights: September 16 - 22, 2019

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi via Unsplash

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi via Unsplash

It’s such an “interesting” week, one that features a delicate dance between honoring both the concrete and the diffuse, one in which we’re called to simultaneously go with the flow and yet also abide by the literal and figurative rules of the road. We may find ourselves questioning, defining, and refining what we believe to constitute truth and reality.

The reason? On the one hand, we’ve got Saturn stationing, set to end its retrograde cycle on Wednesday and begin moving forward again. This reminds us of the essential import of duty, hard work, not skipping steps, and how coloring inside the lines can often yield a product that is identifiable and consensus-informing.

It’s a week where dotting our I’s and crossing our T’s is rewarded and where we could experience consequences of past actions in which we may have overlooked doing so. If the latter occurs for you, just pay attention to the things that you may have avoided or denied, seeing if investing in bolstering them will yield a sense of greater stability moving forward.

All the while that we’re feeling encouraged to draw limits, revere separateness, and abide by accepted playbooks, we may also find ourselves feeling pulled to let go and release the “should”s, instead floating through our days with intuition and empathy as our rudder.

The reason? It’s also a week infused with the hazy hue of the Jupiter/Neptune Square, the last of three alignments that have colored the kairos this year (this week’s occurs exactly on September 21 with the previous ones on January 13 and June 16). 

As the week proceeds, it may feel like we’re beginning to wake up from a dream. And like a dream, with its multi-layered qualities, we may experience this in many ways.

We may find ourselves with more clarity as to the inspirations that have come to us since the year began, seeing how we may give them shape and form.

If we’ve felt we’ve been going with the flow, allowing the currents of life move us, we may access greater awareness as to where we are now in this proverbial river, and what we want to do now that we’re aware of the river banks to which we’ve arrived.

We may find ourselves more clear as to what this dream was informing, further understanding what we need to do to make our dream come true, continuing to architect its foundations so that we build upon it.

Alternatively, we may see how we had gotten swept away in an idea or concept, now beginning to see that while its vision was so alluring, it doesn’t have the bones necessary to have it manifest in the everyday. The feeling of waking up from a dream may have us realize that in fact there was a dream that we were living in our waking life. This may yield a host of feelings—perhaps disillusionment, sorrow, and regret possibly among them. Tap into the Jupiter/Neptune invitation to be compassionate and feel what you feel while also being actively empathetic to yourself. When the time is right, tap back into the inspirations that fueled the aspirations that formed the riverbed of your desires, appreciate their validity, and begin to see if they can further serve you in your life, able to manifest in a different shape and form.

It’s a week in which life may feel really dynamic, one in which we’re called to gather, embrace, and weave together seeming multiplicities: prudence and faith, the rational and the imaginative, all the time in the world and yet not enough time, accountability and forgiveness, straight lines and undulating waves…helping us to see how complex, and yet rich, reality is, and seeing how it at once is separate from our dreams and yet fully infused and intertwined with them. This week we may further know that Life is But a Dream.

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PS. To continue with the dream theme, this feels like a beautiful week in which our nighttime narratives may offer us insights into ways to find and traverse our life path with more awareness, joy, and clarity. Even if just for a few days, pay attention to your  dreams this week. Dust off your dream journal, have confidence that you can remember your dream, and even practice dream incubation to further connect to the reservoir of inner wisdom that your dreams connect you to.


Astrological Highlights

September 18

  • Saturn Stations Direct


September 19

  • Mars/Pluto Trine


September 21

  • Jupiter/Neptune Square


September 22

  • Mercury/Saturn Square


 All days reflect Eastern Daylight Timezone (- 4 hrs GMT)