Stellar Insights: September 9 - 15, 2019

Photo by Dimitri Lakymuk via Unsplash

Photo by Dimitri Lakymuk via Unsplash


If I think of words to describe the energetics of the week, drift is one of the ones that I think of first. 


With both the Sun and Mars opposing dreamy Neptune this week, let alone there being a Pisces Full Moon, we may find ourselves called into a softer and more flowing energy.

We may move in a meandering way, whether through space or in our minds. As we perceive that there may be less resistance, we could drift in our thoughts, seeing how ideas we perceived to be disconnected are actually related, facets of a beautiful tapestry that’s waiting to be woven. The sense of drift may have us feel as if we can surrender rigidity, and with that our empathy and compassion may further drift out into the world. There can be a poetic sweetness to drifting, one that engenders us to have more faith, that we can let go and be taken with the currents to a place that is nurturing, and with this there’s a sense that we’re connected to something bigger than ourselves.

Yet, as we open to the imaginal, the imaginative, and the numinous, we need to maintain a sense of groundedness so that drifting doesn’t cause undue mishaps. After all, we don’t want to drift into another lane when driving, drift off to sleep in the middle of a client presentation, nor have our resources drift away because of some grift.

As the weekend approaches and the Full Moon illuminates the sky, Mercury and Venus come together at the very end of Virgo. We’re encouraged to use the power of discernment  to give voice to beauty and to engage in conversations related to relationships.

On the surface, this Virgoan invitation to be precise and discerning could feel quite at odds with the encouragement to go with the flow and drift. Find ways that they can work together, whether that be in inspirational craftwork or refining healing techniques. And watch out for another challenge that this Virgo pair can yield: a sense of criticality and judgement. Let that just drift away.

(You can find more about the Full Moon and Mars/Neptune Opposition here.) 


Astrological Highlights

September 10

  • Sun/Neptune Opposition


September 12

  • Mars/Jupiter Square


September 13

  • Mercury/Venus Conjunction

  • Sun/Pluto Trine

  • Mars/Neptune Opposition


September 14

  • Pisces Full Moon

  • Mercury enters Libra

  • Venus enters Libra


All days reflect Eastern Daylight Timezone (- 4 hrs GMT)