Stellar Insights: September 23 - 29, 2019

Photo by Evie S via Unsplash

Photo by Evie S via Unsplash

As the week begin so does a new season. The Equinox greets us early in the day and with that it marks a seasonal shift, from summer to fall in the Northern Hemisphere and from winter to spring in the Southern Hemisphere. As we embark on this new period—rife with shifts in weather, the hues painted by nature, and our energy levels—we balance a ‘hello’ to the new with a ‘goodbye’ for the season just passed, whose lived experiences and reflections are at once in our past and yet forging how we see the world and move forward in it.

As this new season begins, it heralds the advent of Libra Season. The sense of balancing resonating in the now, also captured within it being a moment wherein the amount of the day’s light approaches the amount of its darkness, is so beautifully reflective of the sign of Libra. A sign whose symbol is the Scales, Libra reminds us of the import of equality, fairness, and justice. One of the signs ruled by Venus (the other is Taurus), Libra inspires us to remember the jewels inherent within relationships, and our desire to surround ourselves and feel beauty and pleasure. During the month that we are in Libra Season, our attention turns to these subject matters as we put things in our life on the scale, seeing if recalibration of priorities and focuses is called for. 

As I’ve shared before, one of the invitations of this year—and next—is related to the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. While these two planets exactly align on January 12, 2020, the meeting of the planet of karma (Saturn) and the planet of unmasking (Pluto) has been coloring our current kairos, with certain times its powerful invitation feeling more apparent than others. 

I feel like last, this, and next week is a period in which we may more fully be aware of the strong bass note that this alignment plays, the individual and collective invitation we’re having to unearth, dismantle, and transform. 

I think of this invitation as one in which we’re called to Deconstruct to Reconstruct, to dig honestly into the depths of our being to see what it is that no longer has vitality and let it go, and from that place to rebuild our lives—and our communities—from a place of a deep commitment to that which is sustainable, regenerative, and life-affirming.

Perhaps you’ve noticed this calling personally. A push to dig in, honestly excavate thoughts and emotions that have been previously buried, and turn to your life with a power, resourcefulness, and candidness you may not have previously recognized was within you, but which you see now is the “stuff” from which you’re made.

And it may seem as if there’s not really a choice—a sense of accountability and responsibility is wafting in that has us look at the things we may have before wanted to avoid, know we can do the hard work, and also see that doing so is the only route to transforming our lives so that it can bring us more joy and vitality. All said, this doesn’t mean that it’s a walk in the park – by no means – and yet it may feel like that doesn’t matter, as we must go through the fire of this transformation, and we know we’ll be ok no matter what.

The reason that this Saturn/Pluto calling to unearth, dismantle, and transform may be quite strong last, this, and next week is several-fold:

  • On September 18 Saturn stationed direct while on October 2 Pluto does the same. If you remember, when a planet stations (slows down) before/after it appears to shift directions in the sky, its associated archetypes are quite palpable. As such, it feels like this period between their stations--last week, this week, and next week—their energy of the conjunction may feel clearly at play. 

  • Additionally, last week, this week, and next week, messenger Mercury and values-driven Venus connect into the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. And with that we may find our words, thoughts, and communications (Mercury) as well as our approach to relationships, finances, and our values (Venus) more infused with unearth/dismantle/transform themes.

Here are a few suggestions on how to work with this energy this week:

1/ Tune into how you’re really feeling about a relationship and see what you need to be able to communicate thoughts/feelings that were previously unsaid but which eventually do need to be shared.

2/ Read or talk about subjects considered heavy or even taboo in some circles—whether this be the occult, sex, money, the climate crisis, or others. See how informing yourself about these arenas and/or speaking with others about them makes you feel.

3/  Turn on your BS monitor, being more (compassionately) aware of your own as well as seeing your limits on dealing with that of others.

The Libra New Moon on Saturday gives us a beautiful opportunity to initiate a new chapter. See what has streamed into your awareness during the week—likely related to the essential ingredients that compose the foundation of the sustainable and the life affirming in your relationships, finances, and the ways you infuse life with more beauty and pleasure. Use these to guide your New Moon intention setting, calling into being that which you’d like to grow in your life.

Astrology Highlights

September 23

  • Sun enters Libra (Equinox)

September 24

  • Mercury/Libra Sextile

September 25

  • Venus/Saturn Square

September 26

  • Mercury/Pluto Square

September 27

  • Saturn/South Node Conjunction

September 28

  • Libra New Moon

  • Venus/Jupiter Sextile

 All days reflect Eastern Daylight Timezone (- 4 hrs GMT)