The Climate Talks: A Small-Group Gathering


(The October 15th gathering of The Climate Talks is being postponed. I’ll post information once the rescheduled date has been set.)

Climate Change. Climate Crisis. Climate Emergency.

Whatever we choose to call it, it’s something that’s captured our hearts and minds, as our individual and collective attention turns to the existential threat that it is posing.

Like others, I want to help change the climate around our relationship to the climate.

Given my belief that conversations can be be a conduit for powerful action and healing—connecting us with information, revolutionizing our awareness, tapping us into ways to move forward, and allowing us to become connected to and express our feelings—I decided to create The Climate Talks.

In this small group gathering, we’ll come together around the farm tables at The Cloud Room, sharing in a facilitated conversation. Whether you’re moved to share the overwhelm or confusion you’re feeling, ideas on how to galvanize awareness, issues you’re facing with discussing the climate with your children, simple steps for reducing carbon footprint or anything else that’s arising within, The Climate Talks will provide you with a safe space to do so.

My intention is to create a space, a listening alembic, that gives each of us permission to share what’s on our minds and in our hearts. In addition to the powerful transformation that this can create, my vision is that is may also offer us another treasure, that of forging a stronger sense of community, a treasure inherently valuable as well.

I intend to hold The Climate Talks gatherings on an ongoing basis. This initial gathering will be limited to 10 people (plus me).

Date:: October 15, 2019

Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Where: The Cloud Room

Fee: $5

Questions: Don’t hesitate to write me with any you may have.