Hello, Neptune! Astrology and Tarot for a Stellar June 2019

In this episode of So Divine!, Stephanie and Megan explore the celestial landscape for June. They focus in on the planet Neptune, named after the mythical god of the sea, and how it plays a starring role in the astrological sky just as we’re inviting in the energy field of July’s eclipses. They discuss how during this time of life-shifting possibilities, we may connect to our dreams and longings, and find that by turning to our intuition and imagination we can find the pathway for transformative clarity. Plus, they discuss the importance of unearthing the power in your words and actions, given Pluto’s connection to Mercury and Mars, as well as this month’s Gemini New Moon and Sagittarius Full Moon. They end with the Tarot card for June, bringing more illumination to our journeys.