Stellar Insights: July 9 - 15, 2018

Photo by Yousef Alfuhigi via Unsplash

Photo by Yousef Alfuhigi via Unsplash


How do you find light when it’s dark? When you want decipher your direction when things feel obscured, to what do you turn? When you need to recover something that is residing below the surface, what can you confidently rely upon to help you to unearth these treasures?

I feel like these are some of the questions that we can turn to this week, notably in the first few days of the week, to help us to be in the flow of the astrological invitations.

The reason I say that is owing to Thursday’s Cancer Solar Eclipse. Yet, my reflections aren’t just rooted from looking to the Eclipse ushering in a new cycle, all the while things feeling obscured in that eclipse-y kind of way. They are also coming from the perspective that before the Eclipse, we are in the monthly balsamic phase of the Moon, when the Moon is dark and its light is receding. 

The Balsamic Moon is a time when we're oriented to letting go, and finding the light through connecting to the depth of illumination within ourselves; it's a time to be still, be meditative and reflective, and see what arises from the depths of our intuition. 

Combining that with Mars Retrograde, it seems like we have a double invitation to go slow and be thoughtful with our movement. I can’t help but wonder if taking this approach is key to us to finding center, clarity, and nourishment in a week that otherwise could have us feeling shaken up owing to the exhumation of buried feelings, insights, and situations.

Yet, we may find ourselves with a burgeoning amount of potentiality and really wanting to thrust forward after Tuesday given that Jupiter is set to leave its retrograde phase and move forward. And with that, we may find that the winds are once again at our back and something that was waiting in the wings for introduction is calling to be launched. Yet it’s still the dark of the Moon until Thursday evening, so see whether waiting until then for initiating this new opportunity will serve you better.

That said, while there’s an emphasis on growth and learning this week, it still feels like it’s important to watch for the potential of exaggerated optimism. As you look to the expanse of possibilities, just make sure that the horizon you're envisioning—while far away—is something that’s realistically in sight. 

That time between Tuesday and end of day Thursday feels interesting, albeit tricky: it’s still a dark moon occurring in Eclipse season and yet we’re open to forward motion given Jupiter’s shift in directionality. Perhaps the riches of Jupiterian growth that we can experience is the wisdom gained by amplified diving into the depth of our intuition, feelings, compassion, and subconscious. This seems aligned given that Jupiter is in swim-in-the-shadow and emotionally-intense Scorpio after all and Pluto, the planet of the underworld, does make a strong tie-in with the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

There are several more big alignment this week that also help to inform us. There’s a Mercury/Jupiter Square on Monday. See if changing your position—whether to the proverbial top of the mountain or basin of the sea—can help inform your ideas and how to get your message across. Additionally, watch for the potentiality of the over-promise, which often leads to the under-deliver.

Additionally, Venus shifting into harvest-oriented Virgo on Monday forges an earth grand trine with Uranus in Taurus (exact Tuesday) and Saturn in Capricorn (exact Saturday). Focus upon the treasures of the land, the practical, and/or the systematic with an eye towards innovation and the crafting of a structure that will bring something of great value into form.

Astrological Highlights

July 9 

* Mercury/Jupiter Square

* Venus enters Virgo


July 10

* Jupiter Stations Direct


July 11

* Venus/Uranus Trine


July 12

* Sun/Pluto Opposition

* Cancer Solar Eclipse


July 14

* Venus/Saturn Trine


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